Vacuum Cleaners: The Best Choice for your Laminated Floors

Why choose Laminate flooring?

If you are thinking of giving your house a makeover, you should spend a minute or two considering to laminate the floors.

  • Lamination floors are an affordable and durable option.
  • It is less expensive and also doesn’t compromise with appearance. 
  • Lamination keeps your floors resistant to sunlight, due to which it prevents the floor to fade easily. This makes it strong and long-lasting. 
  • Laminated floors are easy to clean.
  • These can easily give you the look of wood, or stone. 

So, if you are looking to save your money from installing the flooring, again and again, you can go for laminated floors.

Why go for Vacuum cleaners?

Laminated floors can, however, easily get scratches, hence using any floor cleaner without sufficient information can cause your floor to damage. Vacuums are the most suitable option for cleaning these floors. Using vacuum cleaners can easily pick up dirt, and debris without damaging your floors. Using very harsh chemicals on your floor can also damage it. Vacuum cleaners also sanitize the floor which helps to prevent allergic reactions.

Best Vacuum for Laminated Floors are:

  • Dyson V6 Vacuum:

It will give you a weightless and wireless vacuuming experience. It can be used as a stand-up and handheld vacuum. You can reach to fare distances while cleaning the floor without any restrictions because it has no cord. It has a suction power of 100AW. It has a two-tier, 15 cyclone technology which makes cleaning easier. It has carbon fiber filaments that help in removing very fine dust too. It has a great battery time and it easily gets mounted on the wall.

  • Bissell Symphony 1132A:

In addition to cleaning hard floors, these vacuums also clean rugs and carpets very effectively. It also steam-cleans the floor, making it free from bacteria and germs. It has a compact design and hence, does not takes up much space. The suction is awesome and it is easy to dump the picked up dirt. The V-shape front edge helps to funnel the dirt to the center, where more suction is present. It is perfectly designed for vacuuming laminated floors.

  • Kenmore:

It is designed to suck debris of all kinds ranging from cereals to pet hair. It features an onboard storage compartment for tools. It has a long power cord which helps to maximize your reach. It is lightweight and easy to use.

These are some of the best vacuum for laminate floors which will keep your floors clean and sanitized.  

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