Identifying Safe Cat Boarding Near Me

When you are going away, whether for a vacation, work or any other reason and you are a pet owner, it can be hard to know what to do with your fur-family. Some people opt to find a pet sitter. Some choose to board their pets. But finding safe and trustworthy cat boarding takes some homework. Of course, you can type in your search engine cat boarding near me, and it will bring you up a list of results. But how do you know your cat will be treated well while you are gone? Here are some tips on identifying the better option from the many boarding options out there.

Are they a member of the ABKA?

The ABKA is the American Boarding Kennel Association. Most countries have an association like this where only those with the highest in care standards can join. Check to see if the places you are considering are a member of a national association like this. While that does not mean that any that are not members are bad places to send your cat, it is a place to start from that suggests they meet certain standards.

Talk to your vet and people you know

Another way to narrow down your list is to talk to other pet owners you know, and your vet. Other people’s experiences are a good indicator of whether you should trust them. Your vet may even have a place they specifically recommend. You can at least run by some local names to check that they have not heard any negative stories about them.

Ask for references

When you are choosing between pet boarding homes ask for references so you can reach out to other customers. They can answer any questions are concerns you might have from experience.

Visit and ask questions

A key thing you must tell yourself is to visit any cat boarding near me. Observe how the place is run, who works there, is it clean, does it smell, and ask them questions. These might include things like;

  1. Are cats properly enclosed so they cannot get out and are safe?
  2. Are there rest and exercise areas?
  3. Do they allow pets in with no immunizations?
  4. What if a problem were to arise with your cat?
  5. Is there plenty of light, ventilation, proper climate control and an environment a cat would enjoy?
  6. Ask about when the water is changed and how much food is fed and when.
  7. Ask any cat boarding near me if the personnel have training and experience.
  8. While you may not get to walk around the boarding area as some keep contact between strangers and the animals to a minimum as it causes stress for the animals, you should be able to view from a window or port of some kind.
  9. Do the cats have enough space away from each other if they are not getting along?
  10. What happens if staff spot unusual behavior or signs of illness or injury?


With some key observations and questions, you can better assess for yourself which if the cat boarding near me options will suit your cat and leave you feeling confident in their well-being.

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