Maintaining a Theme in Your Kitchen

Themes are vitally important when it comes to decorating your home and different rooms. The kitchen is no different. Whilst there is much more functionality required in a kitchen when compared to other rooms like a bedroom or living room, that is not to say that a theme cannot be maintained and implemented with the use of various features and designs. A black kitchen sink in the middle of a country-style kitchen, for example, is going to look very strange, so you need to be switched on when it comes to styling your kitchen. Here are some ideas on how to do it.


If you don’t consider yourself as much of an interior designer, then you can draw inspiration from many places which can help you to choose the right theme for your kitchen. Looking at kitchen and bathroom supplier websites can help as they present their products in real life settings, designed by people who know what looks great. Equally you can take inspiration from magazines or even from how friends and family have designed their kitchens.

Choosing First

It is not the products which you buy that should influence the theme in your kitchen, but rather the theme that will influence which products you decide to buy. There are many themes to choose from when it comes to styling your kitchen from modern chic to rustic countryside and industrial to mediterranean. Pick a theme which you are going to feel happy with and try to tie it in with the rest of the home. Once your theme is picked out, you can then seek out products to match it.


In the kitchen there is so much opportunity to really drive the theme forward and the devil really is in the details. For instance, you can find kitchen mixer taps in polished chrome which can look great in an ultra-modern kitchen or you can select a beautiful hardwood work surface for that rustic feel. Each aspect of the kitchen has areas where you can add details which tie-in with the theme such as sinks, taps, appliances and tiling to name just a few.


Pay attention to what matches with the colour and style of the kitchen. Your sink and taps should reflect the theme and so too should the paint or tiles which you use and even the personal touches which you decide to add. It is also important to mention there can also be clashes within a theme, for example a countertop and cupboards may both be classified as rustic, but together not actually compliment one another. Keep this in mind when choosing different aspects for your kitchen.

Reasons to Have a Theme


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and it is usually where a lot of people spend most of their time. Therefore it is only logical that it should have a pleasing aesthetic, rather than being surrounded by outdated appliances and materials that don’t fit in with one another. Seek out inspiration and get the right colours and features to create your perfect dream kitchen today.

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