Selling your car: 3 tips you should know

How to describe the car, Transparency is required here. The technical data and the mileage, sellers, list leather upholstery and the Bluetooth interface, and all known defects. This promotes trust between seller and buyer.

If you want, you can subject your vehicle to a used vehicle inspection, during which everything from the axle suspension to the central locking is checked. The ADAC, for example, ticks off 120 test points and drives the car onto the lifting platform and the brake test bench.

How important are photos? Without pictures of the car, the chances of the sale drop to zero. the images should be taken in landscape format and with a good camera, not with a mobile phone, and show the car from the outside and inside. “The seller leaves a good impression if any damage is documented on the pictures. So, there is no reason for further price negotiations later. A YouTube video of your car can also increase sales opportunities.

How thoroughly spruced up? You shouldn’t dazzle prospective buyers; the car can shine. If you present your vehicle with splashes of mud on the sheet metal, you act yourself down. It is better to drive through the car wash before the viewing appointment and polish the car. It cannot harm if the air pressure and oil level and the cooling water and brake fluid are checked.

But too much of a good thing arouses suspicion. Polished tire walls or shiny steering wheels could give the impression that the seller has something to hide. An engine wash could appear as if the owner wanted to remove telltale traces of oil. And any remaining dirt can also have its good points: If there are still a few crumbs under the custom floor mats or the trunk mat, this shows that no puddle has been drained here.

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