Step-by-step Guide For Office Relocation

If your business or office is planning to expand or relocate, the best thing to do is to plan out everything and inform your employees of the task you’d be assigning to them. Minimizing expenses and complete participation of everyone involved should be your goal. Your plan should include what you would do before the move, one the day of the move and after you’ve moved. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you plan your office relocation.

  • Step 1: Inform Concerned Persons And Prepare Needed Documents

You should start with your current landlord, inform them of your move and when you expect to move. Then inform your new area’s landlord of the same info on when you plan to move in. It’s better if you can ask for a detailed layout of your new space so that you’d know how much items you need to pack with you and where each office equipment will be placed after moving in. Inform all employees of the moving date so that they’d also have time to pack their things. Find a reputable moving company like Bill Removalists Sydney to help you on your moving day. Create a list of inventory of all the things you’d be bringing with you, including office equipment, furniture, documents, etc.

  • Step 2: Plan With Involved Personnel

Arrange a meeting with your employees, movers from,¬† and other concerned personnel to discuss the flow of activities on your moving day. Assign your employees on the different areas of your office. So that on your moving day, everyone has their task and area to cover. Complete any needed papers like traveling license, business permit, rent, etc. If you’re planning to purchase new equipment, have them delivered on the same day of your moving day so that you can arrange everything while moving in. It would be wise to hire cleaning services when you leave and when you move in.

  • Step 3: Moving Day

Put up a list visible to everyone on what to label boxes and where to put common items like keyboard, printer, coffee maker, etc. to avoid mixing up items into personal boxes. Ensure that all gadgets or tech items are moved first like computers, printers, laptops, etc. As much as possible, follow the schedule made and meet the expected time. Give the movers a small briefing as to what their tasks are given that your employees have their tasks to do. Supervise the loading and unloading of items to ensure that nothing goes missing. Check items on your checklist after they’ve been loaded.

  • Step 4: Unpacking

Items that were loaded first should also be the first ones unloaded and set up inside your new office. Start with the big equipment then move on to the small ones like documents, pantry items, desk items, etc. Again, check items on your checklist to keep track of your items. After everything’s been moved in, make sure that all payments are made. Send out information to clients, newsletters, and others that your office has transferred to a new address. Report any damaged items to the moving company if necessary.

Final Word

Nothing beats a disaster moving day than planning early. Now that you’ve successfully followed the steps and moved into your new office, it’s time to relax. It won’t hurt to pause work and celebrate with your coworkers for successful teamwork.

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