Amazing Storage Ideas For Your Small Living Room

Amazing Storage Ideas For Your Small Living Room

Dec 16, 2018

You have a small living room and a lot of stuff that you do not know how to store them. You have come to the right place. You will see some of the ideas that will show you how to get more from your home with these creative storage ideas below.

Pare Down

Small living rooms are a great way to minimise the stuff that you have at home. Items that are worn out or damaged should be replaced. Subdivide the open spaces for a better organisation of your things and to make it more effective in storing them.

Display It On A Bar Chart

bar chart like shelving planBar charts can serve as side tables and even drawers. They are great for houses where the living room, kitchen and dining flow into each other. You could display your decorative items here and also store any necessities that you have if you are not afraid of concealing them.

Remove Your Bulky Furniture

You will find that there is always not enough room to store all your belongings, no matter how many hooks you have. You could think of ways to make your living room look bigger than it is and part of it is to ditch the bulky furniture. You could use floating shelves and also hanging hooks for hanging linen.

Add Extra Hidden Storage With A Coffee Table

Coffee tables are critical and can be versatile in their uses. They are an essential living room storage solution. You can use some of its drawers to store some of your stuff. It is perfect for the family.

Buy Storage Baskets

There are incredible storage baskets in the market right now that come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in numerous designs and will add your personal touch to the home while being functional. You could use them to store magazines and those remote controls that are lying everywhere.

Use Wall Mounted Box Shelves

wall mounted shelvesGetting As much furniture off the floor as possible will give your small living room an illusion of being more prominent. You should go for those that are deep to have enough space to store more items. They will also make your living room look stylish and well organised.

Have An Open Shelving Unit

If you have numerous things that you would love to display, this is the best option for you. They add personality to your living room and make it warm. You could style them however you like by pairing several colours that you love. It will work wonders for your house.

Decorate Vertically

When the floor space is limited, decorate from high up. You could use different wallpapers to do so. Doing this will make you avoid using the room to decorate and give it more space for furniture and other stuff.

Living rooms that have too much furniture usually are in need of a storage solution to make it more spacious without sacrificing your style. Using the above points will help you to do just that. Ensure that you only choose pieces that are important.