The Cleaning Choices for the perfect Maids

Every woman likes to see her house clean, neat and well cared for, and for that to happen, there are only two options: roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty or hire someone to take care of it instead. For those who choose the second option, you need to be aware of some details that often go unnoticed.

Getting someone to work inside your home is not as simple a task as it sounds. So, to help you choose the housekeeper and the type of contract, let’s give you some basic tips on the selection process and other essential information on legal issues. With the cleaning services etobicoke you can have the best deals.

Legal Differences between Maid and Diarist

When we hire a maid, we have to pay their legal rights, such as social security, vacation and 13th salary. Those who do not want to create employment, usually opt for a day laborer, who comes to your house a few times a week or month, cleans and receives the values ​​of each daily.

However, in court, if the “boss” determines the working days, such as every Tuesday and Thursday, and workload, or if he pays for the services only at the end of the month, it may be considered employment.

Tips on hiring a day laborer:

Pay the daily rate on the same day the service is performed and make a receipt.

Do not set days for these services. Since she has no employment relationship, the day laborer may at any time choose to stop performing services in a certain place without even warning, and vice versa.

If the same day laborer frequently serves two or more households of people in the same family, it is advisable that you indicate at least one more home (from someone who does not belong to your family) for the day laborer to work there as well. When work becomes continuous, it is considered an employment relationship.

How to Decorate a Dining Room

It is important to know that in the case of companies, there is no possibility to hire a day laborer, because this type of activity (without employment) applies only to housework. So, don’t ask your day laborer to take care of your company’s cleaning as well. This may cause you problems in the future.

How to select a maid

One of the first points to consider when hiring a maid is trust. In addition to being the person who will always be inside your house, messing with your things and knowing the whole family routine, there are also the maids who live at work and go home only on time off.

It is important to remember that it is forbidden by law to deduct from the employee’s salary expenses for food and housing (or even clothing and hygiene products provided by the employer).

Tips for selecting well:

Look for references about the person before hiring. It is valid to consider the indications of relatives and friends. If no one can refer you, look for a maids agency. They select candidates according to their requirements, give you references of the places where they worked, and issue a criminal record.

Schedule interviews with at least three candidates

Chat, ask about your skills, places you worked, time and reason for leaving. Analyze your way and also ask about your family. It’s important to know if you have young children, who you live with and who they stay with while she works.

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