What Causes a Basement to Leak?

A leaking basement is one of the headaches many homeowners are experiencing. Basement leaks undoubtedly pose a lot of health risks and damages to properties. As a result, an immediate step should be taken to remediate the situation.

By all means, you should take care of your basement to prevent looming costly repairs, an infestation of mold and mildew, declining state of health, and reduction in the value of your property.

However, before taking steps to fix basement leaks, here are some of what causes a basement to leak.

  1. Damaged Basement Waterproofing

Once the waterproofing of the basement has been compromised, water would seep freely into the inside of the house. Cracks, damaged, basement drainage, removal of drainage tiles, etc. will cause the basement to leak and increase the level of humidity within the home and may cause damage to the property inside.

  1. Stagnant Rain Water around the Foundation

Your basement can leak when rain water pools around the foundation of the house. It could result from poorly completed basement waterproofing, damaged downspouts, or poor drainage system to direct water away from the building. Ensure that the sand fillings around the foundation slope away from the foundation toward the lawn.

  1. Faulty or Leaky Plumbing

The plumbing system installed within the walls of the house may have broken or become leaky unknown to you, and it will allow water to seep into your home with the walls wet. You should inspect the water pipes and sewage line in your basement for possible leaks, cracks, or blockages. Besides, prepare your pipes for the cold weather to prevent freezing and a burst pipe that causes basement flooding.

  1. Cracks around Doors and Windows

Your basement can leak when there are cracks around or in your doors and windows. Improper sealing of the windows and stairwell doors would cause water to seep into your basement to prevent further leakages, repair the leaks and proceed to caulk any cracks discovered. Seal the doors and windows correctly and ensure that the drainage outside is functioning correctly.

  1. Faulty Sump Pump

Installation of a sump pump is an integral part of basement waterproofing. However, when the sump pump becomes damaged or faulty, the pooling of water in the sump pit could overflow and seep through cracks and crevices available, which causes the basement to leak. You should invest in a high-end sump pump and ensure proper installation and maintenance to have the appliance running as expected.

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