5 Most In-Demand General Contractor Apps In 2019

Every contractor or remodeler tries his best to enhance the productivity of his business. You must not be an exception to that and must have made every effort to employ processes within your team; however, something might still be missing out there. You will come across certain general contractor apps which will aid in simplifying your workflow significantly. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned a helpful guide to general contractor apps which will enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is one app that will be responsible for organizing and also managing your notes. In this way, it will come of use to you in case you own a contracting or remodeling business. Apart from storing notes, these can also be shared with your team members enabling you to work in cohesion along with your colleagues. Essential info can be accessed as and when you like given that it will be feasible to store all the important documents and notes within a communal folder.

  1. PlanGrid

This is yet another useful app for the contractors and the architects given that it helps to make sure that every person is working on the latest set of plans. PlanGrid does this by syncing the design along with the construction teams. The app provides collaborative plans for the engineers, managers, architects, and contractors so that they are able to communicate issues apart from sharing important info as well. The users get the opportunity of collaborating and sharing within a digital blueprint set. PlanGrid offers some innovative features like version control, live punch list tracking, sheet compare as well as hyperlinking which help to save valuable resources as well as time.

  1. Fieldpulse

Fieldpulse helps us to add notes as well as photos, and also organize jobs for our teams so that the employees are always kept up-to-date on the latest projects out there. The app furthermore assists us to create invoices and monitor the payment status thus simplifying the management of customer payments. It will likewise be feasible for us to understand the time spent by our team on-site by making use of the innovative employee time tracking feature provided by the app. Monitoring the essential info of our customers, history of the previous projects, and so on becomes extremely easy with the help of Fieldpulse as well.

  1. QuickBooks

Being a trustworthy accounting app, QuickBooks will be able to provide you with detailed reporting such that it is possible for you to run your business efficiently, while more than 1 user can also log in at the same time. You will also be capable of monitoring every single transaction and also organizing them properly with the help of this app. QuickBooks moreover comes with an innovative invoicing system offering tracking, reminders, not to mention direct deposit options as well.

  1. GoCanvas

This app will help you to print business forms plus fill them out on your mobile gadget without any problem at all. You will be able to prepare checklists, work orders, audits, and invoices easily and the revolutionary signature capture feature can be used to get your forms signed by folks on the go. In this way, you will be able to save your precious time as well as cash.

These 5 above-mentioned general contractor apps will aid in improving the productivity of your business while enabling you to stay away from stressful situations too.. In this way, these apps can be accountable for winning more jobs for you in the future.

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