5 Quick Fixes That Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is known to be the heart of any home. It has to be functional in order to suit your family’s everyday life, but it should also look great, especially for occasions. Since you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it is only right that you update it from time to time with kitchen makeovers. Here are five quick fixes that will update your kitchen.

Repaint Your Cabinets and Floor

If you want to have a more personal touch than just standard-issue white kitchen cabinets or your cabinets have an old-fashioned finish, consider adding colour. You can try warm putty, duck egg blue or pale sage green: these are all versatile choices that will go with many different finishes and materials.

You can even paint half of your kitchen cabinets to get a high-contrast look. Black and white palette with metal and wood will look sleek and modern in your kitchen. You can get this look by only painting the base of the kitchen and the bottom of the kitchen cabinets island black, leaving the upper kitchen cabinets white.

If your wood floors aren’t in good condition and you would like to avoid professional refinishing, you can paint them instead. Pale grey and blue are classic choices. White is also chic, but it shows every dropped crumb. If you want to get creative, you can stencil a design onto your painted floors.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a great kitchen makeover. It’s the process of replacing your cabinet doors, knobs and drawer fronts then applying new veneer to the externally visible parts. You don’t have to break down your entire kitchen cabinet and install a new one; instead, you can just reface your kitchen cabinets. This process saves time, labour and money. Cabinet refacing is popular because it offers remarkable benefits.

Cabinet refacing offers you several options: Some companies that offer kitchen makeovers do refinish on the exterior of your drawers and cabinets without removing the doors. In this case, they will apply a new veneer on the exterior of the kitchen cabinet and install new pulls and knobs.

Also, you have the option of choosing among various colours and veneers to reface your kitchen cabinets. Real wood veneers like birch, maple and hickory are available. This means that you can change the grain and look of the wood by simply choosing appropriate doors and covers. You can also add new moulding and trim. Additionally, you can add glass doors to showcase your collectables.

Swap out Lighting

Light switches and lights play a very big role in how welcoming and bright a kitchen feels. This is why you should go for warm lighting in your kitchen. Avoid overly dim lighting and opt for a warmer, brighter, more welcoming feel. Also, swap out the light switch panels, making sure they match your and the overall feel of your kitchen. It is easy to shop around for new light switches and light fixtures at home improvement stores; you can also compare prices online.

Add Decorative Elements

Your kitchen is one of the best places to add decorative elements that will bring a sense of you as well as your lifestyle into your updated kitchen. Plant shelves on top of your kitchen cabinets to allow room for artwork, plants and other decorative items. Add a beautiful vase of flowers plus a bowl of fresh lemons for an amazing shot of colour. Replace boring curtains, worn rugs and collectables that you do not need with beautiful artwork, bright fabric curtains and new floor runner.

Clear Clutter and Expand Storage

Clear clutter from your counters and cabinets. Toss unwanted or outdated food. You can even donate appliances and utensils that you don’t need and remove any item that does not belong in the kitchen. Creating a tidy kitchen that is spacious and more functional won’t cost you anything.

Also, customise your kitchen and maximise its space by transforming unused cabinet, cluttered drawer or empty wall into storage for pans, cookbooks or pantry items. The cost of this quick fix will depend on finish, type and size of shelving units, pull-out trays, single shelves and other storage that you will choose to use.

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