5 Tips on How to Choose a Door Handle for Your Front Door

Choosing the perfect door for your door replacement is not the end; the task has yet to finish. You need to select an ideal door handle for your front door. Although many people often neglect it, the door handle has an impact on the functionality and aesthetics of your front door.

Besides, the front door is to be used by almost everyone that comes to your house. Therefore, the type of door handle you choose will determine the experience people will have when entering your home.

Here are the 5 tips on how to choose a door handle for your front door:

  1. Matching the Style

The first and most crucial factor to consider when choosing a front door handle for your door replacement project is matching the door handle style with the replacement door, and the style of the house. You need to avoid a mismatch by considering the design of the four and the aesthetics of the home’s facade. The architectural design of the house is a factor you should consider when choosing a front door handle.

  1. Front Door Security

The front door gives access to the entire house. Consequently, you should choose the front door handle that will enhance the security of your home. If you prioritize your safety, you should consider using a door handle that is sturdy, tamper-proof, and has heavy-duty mechanism and spring. Also, the lock and the handle must have a sturdy build to guarantee the safety of the home. It should also have a strong outer casing and come with an integrated deadbolt and much more. Consider the security of your home and choose the right door handle.

  1. The Type of Handle

When choosing a front door handle, you should consider what works best for everybody in the house. Door handles come in levers or knobs with their limitations and benefits. If there are elderly persons, children, and someone with disabilities in the house, levers will be perfect as they are easier to open. You only have to consider other factors when choosing the lever type – purchase the kind that will blend with the door replacement and the overall aesthetics of the front door.

  1. Functionality

Buying a front door handle is a crucial decision that affects your entire house. You should realize that the front door handle is primarily for functionality. The handle must have the hardware that is capable of providing the best support for the door. It should also ensure passage and guarantee the security of the house. It should not be easy to break. This is a factor you cannot overlook.

  1. Type of Door

When you are looking for the right front door handle to buy when you just completed a door replacement project, you should consider the type of door installed. This will determine the handle you should purchase. If your door is extra thick, the handle you should purchase should come with the basic kit that is best suited for that kind of door.

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