Curtain Cleaning Tips For Beginners

Curtains are a must have for any household given their incredible combination of functionality and aesthetics. As a window decoration, curtains help you to control the amount of sunlight entering your household. In turn, this helps to maintain desired temperatures and reduce undesirable glare. Additionally, some much needed privacy can be given to the inhabitants of your household. Beyond functional benefits, curtains can also elevate the interior design of your household. Depending on the type of material and design chosen, curtains can make your household feel smaller, bigger, simple or grand. 

However, curtains like any other furnishing in your home require a certain amount of cleaning and maintenance. In this article, we shall cover tips for beginners to apply to curtain cleaning. After all, the last thing that you would want to do would be to unknowingly damage your curtain when cleaning it. 

Stop Scrubbing & Start Using Cleaning Solutions

The natural reaction of most home owners when they see a stain would be to apply water and to scrub really hard. This is done with the hope of the stain coming off naturally. However, this rarely helps, and in the worst of scenarios actually backfires. When you scrub hard, there is a risk that the stain particle will penetrate deeper into the curtain fabric. 

A much better alternative to scrubbing would be to apply a cleaning solution and letting the curtain rest. This way, the cleaning liquid will have time to saturate and penetrate into the stained fabric. Following which, you can simply bolt and vacuum the curtain. 

Removing Gum From Your Curtain

Chewing gum that has stuck your curtain is not only disgusting but also troublesome to remove. In fact, they are an absolute nightmare since they are both gross and sticky. If you attempt to use brute force for removal, there is a great chance that the curtain fabric might be damaged, leaving an ugly spot on it.

Instead, we recommend firstly freezing the gum. For simplicity, you can grab several ice cubs and laying them on top of the gum. At lower temperatures, gums are less sticky, and actually solidify to a certain extent. As such, once frozen, you can use a spoon to gently lift the gum away.

Removing Dust, Mould & Mildew

Curtains are naturally vulnerable to the cumulation of dust, mould and mildew. When left unattended to, these foreign particles are capable of causing health problems for all inhabitants of the household. Depending on the severity of the issue, different measures will need to be taken. 

If spotted early enough, vacuuming and a wipe down may be sufficient. However, typically home owners will need to take the curtains for a thorough wash or dry clean to remove these infections. 

Dealing with Complex Stains or Infections

For more stubborn or complex stains, it is recommended that you engage a professional curtain cleaning Singapore company to help. Their expertise and advance technologies will allow them to thoroughly remove foreign particles in all fibres of your curtain, thus returning it to you as good as new.

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