Essential Elements to Add to a Master Bedroom

The bedroom is not just a place where you go to rest and sleep; it is a private sanctuary. It is a place for rejuvenation, where you feel relaxed and the design ideas used should reinforce that feeling. The overall bedroom design elements should culminate in a calm and soothing environment that helps do away with the stresses of everyday life.

The master bedroom should have a design that is based on functional elements such as layout, lighting, furniture, storage, and aesthetics like décor colour theme, window treatments, and accessories.


The layout of the room defines the rest of the interior design elements to add to the master bedroom. For this, you need to know where to place the bed, where the storage spaces will fit and where to put other bedroom furniture as well as the artworks. Overall, the position of the window and doors, as well as the shape and size of the room will govern how the layout will be for the bedroom.


lightingThe lighting in the room will play an essential role in creating a bedroom environment that feels cosy and relaxing. Keep in mind that the amount and type of lighting serves a bridge between your state of being awake and in a deep sleep. Other than this, the lighting also helps you see what you are doing. It also can be a décor element when you opt to go for accent lighting that can be used to highlight bedroom displays and artwork.


When thinking of the type of furniture to add to your master bedroom, you should think more along the lines of style, function, comfort, and relaxation. Every piece of furniture should fulfill a need. It also should maximise the use of space without making the room feel overcrowded. A chest of drawers, dresser, the bed, wardrobe, are some of the essential furniture to have in a master bedroom. Irrespective of what you choose, ensure that the furniture shares common elements such as the wood, fabric, accents or the finish.


colourful storageStorage space is essential in every bedroom. It helps in keeping the room neat and organised. From open shelves, wardrobes, and chest drawers to wall unit and walk-in closets, baskets, boxes, and free standing rails, all these are ideal storage options for the master bedroom. However, their addition to the room will depend on the size and layout of the room as well as your needs and preferences.

Colour Theme

The colour choices will complement the lighting of the room so that it helps create the perfect atmosphere and ambiance. Other than the lighting, the size of the room and the key pieces of furniture used that determine the décor theme will influence which colours to use for the master bedroom. In short, the colour of everything in the room – the rugs, window drapes, walls, bed frames, beddings, and furniture – should be based on a décor theme.

Window Treatments

The window treatments should have fabrics and a style that blends in and enhances and harmonises the overall décor of the master bedroom. Drapes, blinds, and curtains can be used separately or in combination when covering the windows. They also should not inhibit natural light from getting into the room.


Accessorising is an integral element in any décor scheme. For the master bedroom, some of the accessories can be purely decorative with no functional qualities but most of them, such as should have a practical purpose as they add character to the room. Overall, the accessories add visual interest to the bedroom by bringing in intricate patterns, soft textures, and accents of colour. Accessories for the bedroom include artwork, curtains, rugs, mirrors, and indoor plants.

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