Five Ways to Choose a Boiler

Replacing a boiler or getting a new one for the first time can be a life changing decision as this appliance is one of the important parts of the house and a necessary item needed for comfort. Houses with families should have a quality combiboiler especially during winter. Before settling for a particular type of boiler, there are necessary steps to take to determine if the device will provide the desired services. Some of the major reasons for replacing a boiler is safety and a reduced energy bill. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to consider these five steps when choosing a boiler and they are:

  • The Type of Fuel Needed

The type of Fuel the boiler would be working with should be a strong determining factor for choosing a particular boiler. Your choice can be made based on the current purchase price of Fuel but most times heating oil is more expensive than natural gas. Therefore before choosing a new gas boiler or a boiler that uses heating oil, consider the medium and long term purchase. The environmental impact of the fuel type should also be considered. Gas is renewable source of energy and it is less polluting than oil. 

  • The Efficiency

The efficiency of the boiler should also be a reason to choose or not to choose it. It is advisable to choose a highly efficient boiler as it would reduce energy cost and this would also reduce the rate of CO2 emissions. An efficient gas boiler is one with low temperature and a condensation gas boiler. For oil, the low temperature and condensation boiler is also advised for better efficiency. 

  • The Combustion System

The type of combustion system used by the device should determine whether or not choose it as it also determines its efficiency. Boilers have two types of combustion system and they are open or atmospheric system and closed or air tight system. The open system uses room air, specifically oxygen to perform the combustion process. Therefore to be able to use this type of boiler, the room should be well ventilated. For closed system, a double-walled pipe is used to take air from outside and it is also used to dispose waste. An opening in the wall or roof is inevitable but a traditional chimney is not required. This system is noiseless, can stay in a cupboard and is considered safer. 

  • The Space Available

The space available for the boiler should determine the kind to get. A wall boiler is better with small space as they are compact and light. A floor boiler is efficient for large space as they touch more areas but is sturdier than the wall boiler.

  • Hot Water Requirements

Depending on cost or the amount of energy you want to save, you can choose between a separate hot water tank, combined boiler, instant water heater, and solar water heater. It is necessary to know combi boiler prices beforehand as they heat the radiator and provide hot water for the bathroom and kitchen, so you must look for value for money before taking any decision.

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