Granny Flats: The Best Investment Options in Australia

A granny flat is a small residential apartment built on the backyard of a house. It is sometimes called by other names such as accessory dwelling unit, granny pod, in-law apartment, etc. It is mostly rented out to tenants by the home owners who wish to make some extra money from a spare real estate property.

A granny flat Hornsby is just like another furnished apartment. The only difference is that the rooms of a granny flat are not attached to the primary house where the home owner resides. Apart from that all the amenities which a furnished apartment should offer such as electricity, air conditioning, water supply, etc. can all be made available in a granny flat.

However, a granny flat is treated as a different housing apartment altogether. The popularity of constructing of such apartments is increasing significantly all around the world in general and Australia in particular. Let us now have a look at some of the advantages which granny flats have to offer.

  • What are the advantages of having a granny flat?

First of all, a granny flat is the best option for investment as it increases the total value of your property. But apart from investment, this flat can be used for recreational activities and can act as a residence for relatives and guests. Also if granny flats are rented, the tenants will be able to help you with many things. For example, your house will become more secure because of the presence of tenants, you can share the lawn maintenance. You can also decrease your commute expenses if you travel together.

  • What is the procedure to build a granny flat?

There are a few steps that you must follow before constructing a granny flat.

  • Take the permission of the municipal office nearby, make sure that you follow all the rules laid out for building a granny flat.
  • Take the measurements of the land area, and decide accordingly, the layout of your granny flat.
  • You must be very particular about the budget because a granny flat are available both as a luxury and as basic apartments. So decide the budget according to your purpose.
  • There are many designs available with the constructors. So, select the design which suits the purpose of your granny flat.
  • List the number of rooms and types of rooms you want in the apartment. A granny flat should have a kitchen, a bedroom, and a dining room. Apart from these if you are considering something else then plan it accordingly.
  • Decide the amenities you want to install in the flat. There are a variety of options to choose from. Take for example a medicine dispenser alarm, Temperature checker, etc.
  • Plan the interior of the flat, decide the furniture, the main gate, fencing, etc.

  • What is the approximate cost to build a granny home?

The approximate cost of a granny flat Hornsby ranges from $100,000 to $300,000.It depends on the locality and the amenities you need in your granny flat.

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