How to Care and Maintain Your Windows 

Your windows and doors are essential components of your home. In addition to adding to the aesthetics of a home, windows and doors also contribute to the home’s efficiency and security. As a result, you need to care and maintain your windows and doors to keep them in a highly functional and visually appealing state.

If you are looking for ways to care and maintain your windows and doors, read the tips below:

  1. Regular Cleaning

Windows usually get dirty over time due to the exposure to the elements. You should ensure to wipe your windows clean with a soft cloth. If you have wooden windows, do not use any wet product to wipe it to avoid causing them to rot due to the moisture content.

Use a soft brush with warm water and mild cleanser to wipe your vinyl or fiberglass windows. Avoid using abrasive products or chemical solvents to clean your windows and doors; they will scratch and damage their surface, shine, and luster.

  1. Keep Rubber Sealing in Place

Exposure to harsh weather could affect the frames of your windows. Ice could form behind the rubber sealing and cause it to damage. Damaged sealing will leave gaps between the windows and the wall, which will cause drafts from outside and loss of cold or warm air to the outside. This causes the windows to be inefficient.

As a result, you should caulk the gaps or use rubber-foam insulation to fix the holes. This will stop any leakage and keep your windows functional and energy-efficient.

  1. Install Storm Windows

Another way to care for your windows is to install storm windows to serve as an insulator and protection from strong wind and harsh weather conditions. Storm windows and doors help to keep the home warmer. This will also help to improve the home’s energy efficiency and reduce the amount of energy costs.

  1. Replace Damaged Parts

You can care and maintain your windows and doors by attending to the damaged parts immediately before the problem becomes severe. Damaged components can reduce the efficiency of the windows and parts and cause your HVAC system to use more energy. Fix cracks, caulk holes, and replace damage seals to keep your windows intact.

  1. Lubricate Moving Components

To maintain your windows and doors, you must ensure that the moving parts are cleaned and well lubricated at all times. Before the start of summer and winter, you should lubricate the contact points of the windows to protect them from the extreme weather conditions.

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