Sewing Machines As Per the Choices

To choose the right sewing machine, start by asking yourself how you will use it. Mechanical models require a small budget, but are to be reserved for beginners. They are perfect for simple projects such as cushion covers or textile curtain hems. It is therefore a good option if you want to try your hand at sewing without being sure that you will like it. If, on the contrary, you already know how to sew, it is an electronic machine that you should prefer. Quieter, more precise and with many presets, it will allow you to carry out all of your creative projects, even if it remains a little more technical to use.

Which brands to favor?

The most famous brands of sewing machines are: Singer, Brother, Toyota, Pfaff and Janome. All offer several ranges of devices dedicated to all uses. To choose the right sewing machine, proceed as for other laundry care devices you have:

  • Is it easy to find spare parts for the brand concerned?
  • If the device breaks down, who should be contacted and how long will it take to repair?
  • Does the brand offer the options that you consider essential?

Some essential functions

The number of stitches: to sew clothes for the whole family, you will only need the three basic stitches offered on almost all machines (straight stitch, zigzag and stretch stitch). The other points are mainly dedicated to decorative embroidery work and are therefore not essential, but having a choice of ten of them will allow you to vary the effects. From the best monogramming machine  you can find the best choice.

  • Assisted threading: convenient to start sewing without wasting time.
  • The buttonhole: depending on the device chosen, it is carried out in several phases, from 1 to 4.

What budget to plan?

To choose a good sewing machine, plan a minimum budget of 100 euros. You will then have the choice between models dedicated to beginners and entry-level devices from major brands such as Singer or Brother. The more advanced machines, for experienced amateurs, are accessible around 250 euros. Finally, if you want to offer a professional quality, count a budget starting at 350 euros and up to more than 600 €.

You are yearning for patterns of frilly dresses and bags in shimmering prints. At the top of the list of your good resolutions this year, is written – in fluorescent and highlighted – “Learn to sew”. Without wishing to dampen your enthusiasm, beware of haste. Start by investing in a sewing machine that meets your expectations, that is to say, your desires but also your level … and your budget. So we went to knock on the door of a sewing pro, Ariane. She is the creator of Silly & Billy , a brand of children’s linen and decorative accessories. She gives us the essential advice to choose your sewing machine when you start.

Which sewing machine to choose when you start: the criteria to take into account

The first question to ask is: “What use will I make of it?” “. If the idea is to use your sewing machine for leisure, occasionally, favor simplicity. Avoid going to sewing machines that offer 20 different stitches. Quite simply, because you will not have the utility of it but also because a machine which you request by using several points is likely to quickly break down. This naturally brings us to the second essential criterion: robustness. A relatively heavy machine is a solid, stable and resistant machine. In summary, if you want to invest in quality equipment, avoid the colorful, light machines, which offer a multitude of different points. It is tempting, but it is not the most reliable.

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