Tips for choosing the best stool for your home

For quick meals, a simple kitchen or indoor stool of only one color can do the job. However, if you use the kitchen as a leisure area, stools for Kitchen Island with back support, armrest and leg support will guarantee more comfortable moments. The size, numbers, and types of kitchen stools entirely depend on the available space. To guarantee the comfort, the height of the stools and the height and weight of those who will use the stools play the vital role. Some kitchen stools have ABS, while others have a 360-rotation option.

American kitchen stool

The design of the stools is the main factor when choosing, especially in American kitchens, where homeowners often integrate the kitchen into the living room. The cost-effectiveness of investing in beautiful and comfortable stools is its biggest advantage, remembering that you can take them anywhere whenever necessary. Stools need to be chosen more carefully if elderly or obese people live in the house.

Buy outdoor stools

If you have a barbecue or outdoor rest area in your house, stools are a great option. The primary aspect is to observe the durability of the product, whether the material is wood or steel. Aluminum stools are lightweight. Stainless steel stools contain excellent strength. If you choose the wooden stool, check if it has the correct treatment to be used in this space.

Stools in the living rooms

Comfort is the main highlight for the stools in the living room. To find out which stools will provide this characteristic in your environment, consider the fabrics, prints and styles of your upholstery, and even wallpapers. Besides the perception of comfort offered by the stools, they also need to adapt a look that matches the room design.

How many stools can I place?

The amount of stools to be purchased will depend on the space available on your Kitchen Island. The minimum space for a person to seat is almost 60 cm, for more comfort use 70 cm. Therefore, every 60 cm a stool can be placed. If you have a stool of 1.80 meter, you will be able to place up to 3 stools and similarly have space.

High or low stool

To find out if you need the high or low stools for Kitchen Island, you just need to adjust your kitchen island/bench. If it is 75 cm high, which is almost the height of a table, the ideal are low stools – 40 to 45 cm. ABS stools are perfect if you do not know the height of the seat since they contain height adjustment.

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