Top Furniture Trends Of 2019


In this post we will be going over the top furniture trends of 2019 that everyone is going crazy over. These furniture designs are not only unique but also very popular with the ladies. These furniture designs will bring a whole new look to your living space and also provide you with a stress free environment.

With regards to making the ideal home, each structure lover realizes that furniture can represent the moment of truth a space. Picking the correct pieces–either uniquely crafted or West Elm–can lift your whole home stylish. To enable you to comprehend the furniture patterns to watch out for in 2019, we checked in with top creators and industry tastemakers for some direction. From become flushed hued upholstery to special, high quality pieces, these are the top furniture patterns to keep on your radar in 2019.


Fish tank coffee tables are trending like no other furniture design at the moment. Aquarium coffee tables are nothing new in fact the first ones popped up during the 80’s and ever since they have hypnotized everyone who has seen one. Besides being trending they also provide their owners with a stress free environment that relaxes them every time they come home. This trend took a while to catch on with the general public for the main reason because they are not readily available for sale in furniture stores. However you can find some of the hottest designs for fish tank coffee tables on a site called Espresso Gurus.

– Espresso Gurus


“Out with the old, in with the oxidized oak. 2019 will bring more furnishings and cabinetry that is a darkened form of our proven white oak. It will give the solace and establishing individuals are searching for in their spaces.”

– Kristen Pena, inside creator


“Envision enjoying sweet dreams at home settled underneath extravagant textures. Upholstering your headboard in gem conditioned velvet includes a pinch of refinement in the frequently quelled haven of any room.”

– Patrick Ediger, inside fashioner

  1. GO BOLD

“The pendulum is swinging from fresh white, delicately textural Scandinavian-enlivened Hygge back to striking, high-differentiate designs and enormous explanation blending of materials and scale. As the volume keeps on turning up in our general surroundings, individuals will keep on winding up all the more brave with their inside decisions.”

– Emilie Munroe, inside planner


“Life feels dubious and clamorous at this moment. We are hearing an ever increasing number of that our customers need to improve their homes and insides. To that end we accept we will see more multifunctional furniture in 2019, similar to this seat and drink table mix from BDDW.”

– Kristen Pena, inside planner


“An arrival to carefully assembled genuineness, particularly with regards to furniture and beautiful expressions as opposed to purchasing mass created pieces will be considerably more well known in 2019.”

– Andria Mitsakos, Hotel Design Advisor


“Redden is the new unbiased. It sets with grays and naturals for a quieting palette. It tends to be joined with intense hues like naval force, woodland green, or citrine, and it enables the strong shading to be the saint.”

— Rob Royer, CEO of Interior Define


“Beds will be more belly like. There are such huge numbers of things going on the planet, and we want to feel supported and ensured when we are dozing as well as unwinding. Heaps of upholstered headboards and footboards will be sheathed in agreeable materials that vibe like a warm embrace.”

— Joy Moyler, inside originator


“I’m as of now being immersed with geometric examples. We’re moving ceaselessly from tight innate rehashes and more into free, over scaled and uneven shapes. Flawlessly blemished.”

— Michel Smith Boyd, inside architect

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