What Are The Different Molds At Home And What To Expect With Mold Removal Services

When you see some sort of stain or plant growth anywhere in your home, there is a possibility this is a sort of mold growth. The best way to go about Mold removal, Scottsdale, Arizona is to detect mold growth early and to call the necessary professionals to effectively remove them from your home.

Types of molds

Harmful molds can be categorized into three: allergenic, pathogenic and toxigenic. Allergenic molds trigger allergy-like and asthma-like attacks on people. Pathogenic molds cause health problems for people with acute illness. Toxigenic molds are the most dangerous because they can produce toxic substances that can be dangerous and sometimes even deadly to human bodies.

Acremonium: This mold is toxigenic. This changes in form, from a moist mold to a powdery fine substance that can be easily inhaled. This often appears pink, orange, gray or white. Exposure to this mold can lead to bone marrow and immunity diseases. This can also damage organs.

Altenaria: This is an allergenic mold that grows in damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms. The appearance of this mold is often velvety with dark green or brown hairs. Exposure to this mold can lead to asthmatic symptoms and upper respiratory tract infection-like effects.

Aspergillus: This kind of allergenic mold has over 185 species which makes it one of the most common household molds. The colors vary for this mold, and while it is mainly allergenic, this type of mold can also produce carcinogens.

Chaetomium: This cottony mold evolves appearance from gray to brown and eventually black. It can usually be found in buildings that have suffered from water damage. The only way to effectively get rid of this mold is to nip it in the bud and disconnect the water source. This mold can also be identified through it’s “damp” odor.

Stachybotrys: This is also called the black mold. It’s a highly toxic mold that could cause allergic reactions. Like most mold, this grows in highly humid or damp environments. Once exposed to this mold, you can suffer from sinusitis, difficulty in breathing, and even depression. Dull pain can also be experienced by those who have been exposed to this mold long enough. Nose bleeds are not uncommon.

What to expect from your mold removal services

Upon consulting with mold removal, Scottsdale, Arizona services, you should expect a free and thorough diagnosis. Expect your service provider to thoroughly examine your home and make notes on possible mold growths.

After the examination, the service provider should be able to give you, in understandable English, how bad your situation is. The types of mold found in your home may be mentioned. You can also ask about what solutions they are planning to use, how effective this is, how this will affect your lifestyle and so on. In case of serious mold infestations, especially under wallpapers and such, you may be asked to move out of your home during treatment, until your home is deemed mold-free. In case your family members are also exhibiting allergic or toxic symptoms, you must consult a medical professional right away.

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