What Does Your House Colour Scheme Reflect On Your Personality?

Decorating your home is one of the best ways to express your individuality. It is a period to create something beautiful that speaks to your soul. The shades that you choose will show your personality. It will depict whether you are lively, passionate or a closed off person. Here is an insight into the colours in your home and what they may portray about your personality.

Red: Passionate and Energetic

red housePainting your house red reflects on your fiery and passionate personality. Red makes the place feel cosy. This colour usually is picked out by people who have energetic characters and are determined to live their life to the fullest. It is bold and a perfect choice for your home.

Green: Affectionate and Loyal

If you are drawn to green, the colour of nature, then you may feel the need for acceptance, to be loved and to also feel secure in your home, which you are proud of. Those who love the colour green are typically connected to nature, and they value the serene environment that green shades bring to the home. This colour is also associated with health and the overall wellbeing. It may reduce your feelings of anxiety hence a popular choice for living rooms. Also, this colour has been found to increase the reading ability of a person hence an excellent choice for the children’s playroom or bedroom.

White: Organised and Independent

White speaks of peace. If you are drawn to this colour while decorating your house, then it means that you are well organised and also a logical person. It also says that you value simplicity and you prefer being self-sufficient. You could add some shades of cream top add depth to your space while using white.

Blue: Cool and Calm

blue door houseIt is not only used as a colour for new-born boys but also other purposes. It has different tones you can choose from such as baby blue, royal blue or even turquoise. If you use these colours, it means that you value inner peace and harmony. Research has also shown that people who choose blue as their favourite colour are reliable, have a sensitive personality and are trustworthy. They are always thinking about others. You should, however, be careful with dark blue tones since they could give you feelings of sadness. You could choose a shade with warm tones.

Black: Guarded And Sensitive

black furniturePeople who enjoy having black on their walls or love this colour of accessories may be artistic and also have a sensitive soul. They may be introverts or people who value their personal space and do not like opening up to others. People drawn to this colour can be guarded and love having their lives in their control.

The colour schemes that you have in your home reflect your personality. Different colours bring out different characters and can lift or dampen your mood. It is good to be careful while choosing a colour scheme for your home since it speaks a lot about you. With the above points, you can find out what personality you are based on your favourite colours.

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