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Bird management is a challenging but vital arm of public health pest control and potentially a big development area for an expert maintenance company happy to discover. One BPCA member company that has actually constructed its service around bird options is NBC Environment. We asked Handling Director, John Dickson, to give us a back-to-basics look at all things bird control.

Some birds (schedule 1) are secured even more, and it is an offence even to disrupt them while they are nesting. It is a common mistaken belief that birds such as pigeons and crows, often referred to as pest types, are not protected. Nevertheless, under the General Licence, if an authorised person observes the conditions specified within the licence, they may kill or take specific species listed.

Annoyance birds, especially pigeons and gulls, are known to trigger a variety of issues consisting of: Nesting in or on structures obstructing drains pipes and flues, encouraging insect infestation. Noise some bird species are really loud, for instance, gull calls can be disruptive to service or houses. Ground-nesting ground-nesting bird types can cause substantial development hold-ups and expenses if not handled correctly or lawfully.

The legislative subtleties relating to birds are extremely intricate, and it is advisable to commission a survey from a knowledgeable bird specialist. They can put a mitigation strategy in place to guarantee operations are approved and legal, which will provide auditable evidence protecting your project/site. A broad range of bird management solutions are offered with steps that include deterrents such as (non-lethal) falconry and laser systems to modify behaviours and encourage birds not to settle at specific websites.

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Bird deterrent services may consist of: Falconry reaction these programmes are a live visual deterrent to frighten birds from a location. The presence of a hawk or falcon rapidly makes an area unfavorable to annoyance birds and encourages them to establish a new pattern of behaviour away from your site. Egg and nest removal periodically deadly kinds of bird control are required nevertheless it is a good idea to utilize this as a last option as there are a vast array of highly effective non-lethal techniques readily available.The Secret solution to Bird Pest Control Uk

They also need to be able to install the option properly, which will increase the efficiency of the deterrent. In some scenarios, a preventative step might not work or useful, and it may be possible to bring out bird control operations under the General Licence which can be trusted if the following criteria are met: Excellent factor protect public health or public safety, prevent severe damage or disease or light safety You are authorised to do so by the owner or occupier of the land or property The owner or occupier is pleased that suitable non-lethal approaches of resolving the problem such as frightening and proofing are either inefficient or unwise.

There are a range of licences offered, and it is necessary you understand which one you are operating under and the guidelines connected. A limited number of bird species are included under the General License we encourage you to seek advice from Natural England or the suitable body to ensure appropriate bird control approaches are used to meet their standards.

Trying to find a BPCA member to assist bird control? A responsive and helpful resource is Total Bird Control Birmingham, TBC Nationwide Office, Highfield Farm, Middle Ln, King’s Norton, Birmingham B38 0DX. Phone 0121 695 9076. The BPCA Find a pest controller tool isn’t just for members of the public in pest distress. If you wish to subcontract out to a member you can discover a regional member to assist you out. John Dickson September 2018 PPC92 Source: PPC92.

A Guide to Pest Control Birds In Loft

Helping safeguard your company throughout the Coronavirus pandemic with anti-bacterial spray treatments (United Kingdom). Anti-bacterial Spray TreatmentsWe offer a nationwide bird and pigeon control service from our 4 bases in Birmingham, Bristol, London & Manchester. Discover more about Bird ControlTotal Bird Control offer a range of expense result bird control solutions to match all requirements.

Should you need assistance or advice please contact us today. Discover more about Bird Decontamination Overall Bird Control are UK professionals in all aspects of humane bird control for both domestic and industrial applications. As part of The Busters Group of environmental business, we have many years of experience in working with house owners, business services, regional authorities and real estate associations to deliver bird proofing and bird removal services that fix Britain’s bird issues.

A Guide to Pest Control Birds In LoftA Guide to Pest And Bird Control

This enables us to supply a highly efficient and timely service to solve bird issues throughout the UK – pest and bird control. National Bird Proofing Service Pigeon Proofing Service Free Studies Free Quotations (including pictures) Site Specific Danger Assessments Method Statements All Work Guaranteed Completely Guaranteed In our experience most of the bird issues we deal with are connected with pigeons and seagulls, both of which have a large existence in the metropolitan areas of the UK.

Overlooking to control birds via bird netting and other bird proofing techniques can prove pricey and might lead to: Health risks and severe diseases – Pigeons and Gulls are considered a common pest and their droppings can provide rise to diseases such as Ornithosis, Salmonella and E.Coli. Invasion by bird associated pests consisting of biting bugs, bird mites, fleas, ticks, lice and so on.

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Mishaps Droppings on pavements and fire gets away can be unsafe when damp, thereby creating a slipping hazard. Fouling and contamination Air conditioning systems and other water sources can easily become infected, with associated dangers to health. Flooding problems Rainwater seamless gutters can become blocked by droppings and associated particles, causing overflows and leaking, with potential damage to walls and roofs.

Loss of credibility – And damage to customer relationships can occur, as a result of problems with birds around your properties. Fines under the Food Safety Act 1990 Can be enforced due to non compliance with Health & Safety legislation. Bird Spikes – Bird spikes and coils are an exceptionally reliable deterrent that can be quickly incorporated into a buildings outside; either glued or drilled into surfaces such as ledges, windowsills and basic setting down areas.

Discover more on our bird spikes area. Pigeon Spikes – We likewise offer pigeon spikes, which are very comparable in style to bird spikes but developed to take the increased weight of a pigeon. Pigeon spikes are a suggested deterrent of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Security of Birds), and are one of the most humane methods to fix pigeon setting down issues.

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The quicker you call us in, the quicker we can carry out a strategy to eliminate the problem for you. We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in bird & pigeon control and can use you an expense reliable option to fight the problems you are dealing with. We have a number of years experience in handling the sort of problems that pigeons, seagulls, crows, ravens, Canada geese, starlings and others can cause.

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We’re delighted to handle little and large scale problems. We integrate all the modern-day approaches of with traditional, country methods discovered over the years. We have actually expert skills and qualifications in bird control too, in addition to years of experience of bird behaviour. We have actually specialist skills and certifications in bird control too, in addition to years of experience of bird behaviour.

Wildlife Legislation protects all birds, and the laws on bird control keep changing. Animal Welfare laws use to bird control too. And, working with birds and clearing their waste can be hazardous to human health. You can trust us to do bird control lawfully, humanely and safely. With our professional credentials and backgrounds in veterinary science and game-keeping, we actually are experts.

If in doubt, ring or email us for expert pest control guidance on how to control birds and get rid of birds. Or possibly our guide to nuisance birds can assist. We’ve thirty years experience in pest control and provide complimentary studies for bird control, bird proofing, bird removal and waste clearance.

We actually do know what we’re doing; you can trust us to get it right. There’s more info listed below too about our bird control and bird proofing, bird elimination and bird waste clearance. All birds and their nests, eggs and young are protected by The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

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It is legal to perform pest bird control in Scotland; some examples of pest birds are Carrion Crow, Hooded Crow, Jackdaw, Magpie, Rook, Feral Pigeon, Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove, Great and Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gull. The law is extremely specific though on when and how pest birds can be managed (bird control).

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