Work Order Management

What is Work Order Management Software?

A work order management system (WOM) is a helpful tool for managing tasks and orders. It allows you to set up an effective workflow that all tasks can be easily tracked by everyone on your team. Work orders submitted by others are automatically routed to the correct team, which will help keep things running smoothly.

With the help of a work order management solution, small businesses enable their managers to easily track and follow all the tasks using a simple dashboard on their mobile devices. This will help managers to automatically create incoming requests, prioritize work, assign tasks, set due dates, monitor real-time activities, track tasks’ status and their completion, and leave comments or feedback just using a centralized place. This will simplify every step of the job and efficiently streamline workflows.

After the implementation of a proper work order management system, business owners will not have to worry about data or job loss. Because they can always store digital copies of contracts, documents, and photos in a database, staff can always have access to the required information whenever they want.

Work Order Management System Benefits

Providing a Centralized System

Work order management software decreases inefficiencies by creating a central repository to store all information regarding one task or project. This centralized solution will provide a 360 degree of all information regarding incoming requests, booking and scheduling details, subcontractor details who has done the job, photo of task completion, and invoice details, right at your fingertips. It increases the transparency of all assigned tasks.

Controlled and predefined access to data

A proper work order management solution limits users’ access to data to make sure everyone can only see or edit the information that they are allowed to. Therefore, each employee has controlled access to create, edit, and report their own tasks. This increases the reliability and predictability of the whole system.

Improved productivity

By providing a platform for employees to show them full visibility of the end-to-end process, you specify each employees’ duty and steps that need to be done for a job to be completed successfully. It eliminates their confusion and increases their productivity.

Real-time process monitoring

Work order management solutions help managers to have 24 by 7 access to the latest status of each task. It enables them to provide an answer to a client when the relevant staff is absent.


Small businesses use multiple software to fulfill their needs but the problem is that those systems operate separately which results in double-entry and staff manual effort. Integrations allow you to connect WOM to the 3rd party software of your choice, to smoothen the whole process of clients’ onboarding requests via WordPress website, Finance process including Invoice and quote generation via QuickBooks or Xero Integration, review collection, and capturing email addresses for remarketing via MailChimp. So, the overall outcome will be a unified and synchronized system working seamlessly.

Let 365 Digital Consulting help you

365 Digital Consulting is an expert on developing custom software solutions focusing on staff productivity and automating business processes. We have helped lots of companies save their staff valuable time by preventing double data entry into multiple systems, streamlining, and automating the process.

Our work order management system design is based on Office 365 and SharePoint. We can build a custom solution on your SharePoint online that manages all work orders. Using Microsoft Power Automate will automate its workflows and integrate your legacy systems. So you don’t need to pay extra monthly license costs, and you can benefit from your existing investment that causes ROI in the long term.

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