Common Causes That Lead To Sewer Repair

Remember that one of the most common problems that could happen in your household is sewer line backup due to numerous reasons. Therefore, you need to find professional help that will lead to clean up by using heavy-duty tools that you do not have in your home.

By clicking here, you will learn the common reasons why you should avoid pouring hot oil into the sink drain.

Of course, if you wish to save the money in the long run, you should avoid backup from even happening. You can do it by avoiding the common mistakes people make that lead to blockages and other issues that require professional help.

The most common reason why sewers tend to back up depends on the nasty habits that we can prevent by avoiding them in the first place. Generally, they are controllable and depend solely on your issues, which is why you should find ways to prevent these issues.

The Main Causes That Lead To Sewer Backup

The most common reason for these issues happens due to pipes, which is why we decided to present to you the common reasons for the sewer issues that backup that you can experience.

1.  Old Pipes

In case you have old or faulty pipes that cannot drain as before, it means that you should do something about them. Generally, if the pie fails to drain, the waste will build up in some part of them and cause the backing up, which could be problematic and disgusting.

Numerous issues could lead to damage, including improper installation or living in an old household. Remember that old pipes are at higher risk, especially if you did not have professional help during the process.

We can find numerous reasons why the damage could happen because if you installed them by yourself, the improper installation could ruin your household. On the other hand, living in specific areas with ground disturbances or earthquakes could also lead to damages.

Of course, nature is something that you cannot control, but if you live in the old homes, the faulty pipes are a common problem that you need to address as soon as possible.

2.  Clogs

The idea is that we tend to flush numerous things down the toilet with the idea that we can get rid of things. However, the worst thing that you can do is to think that the sewer line is a garbage disposal, and you should avoid using it as a trash can.

Therefore, you should never flush any type of plastic, dead animal, or solid debris and instead use a garbage disposal in front of your household.

The main idea is that you can flush only biodegradable things, and that will not lead to clogging, including human waste and toilet paper. Generally, water tends to break down these materials so that you can rest assured along the way.

However, other materials will not degrade which may clog your pipes and lead to severe problems. The best way to determine things to do after sewer damage is by watching this video:

3.  Hygiene Products

The common reason for clogging and other issues is the presence of absorbent materials such as cotton inside the sewer line.

Remember that these materials are worse for sewer and they will not lose shape inside, but expand, which will reduce their ability to go down and reach the end of the line. You should avoid using the toilet for things that come from cotton, and use the trash instead.

We are talking about brushes and makeup pads that are common reasons why the entire neighborhood has issues with sewer. These items can cause clogging, which is why you should properly dispose of them.

4.  Avoid Pouring Grease

The worst thing that you can do is to use the hot water that will help you pour grease and flush it inside your pipes because it is just an untrue myth that will cause severe blockages.

Remember that grease will harden as it cools inside the piping, which means that it will not stay hot forever inside of it.

As soon as you decide to pour it down the drain, you will create a sewage backup and the ability to create a barrier so that other things cannot pass down the sewer line. The barrier will trap the waste and close the pipes, which is why you need to find professional help.

You need to remember that both sewer & drain repair can lead to expenses, which is why you should prevent it from happening. Grease will trap things due to its sticky nature, and that will return to you when it cannot pass down.

This particular clog can cause the piping breakage and these clogs are highly challenging to get rid of, especially since you will need commercial-grade equipment for the process.

5.  Tree Roots

Even though trees in our yard look amazing and give us shade during the hot summer days, they are highly problematic for the sewer line as well as plumbing. Since the tree’s roots will spread further than you imagine, it could quickly encounter the sewer line.

In case that happens, that could lead to damage and back up your sewer, which is why you need to replace the whole thing.

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