Built-In USB Wall Socket

20 UK plug cover will charge everything thanks to built-in USB port

Here is a piece of equipment that I have been installing for some time with my customers, the Data Power plug (data ปลั๊กไฟ which is the term in Thai) but which I have not talked about, and it is a mistake since it is very practical.

  • Why install a USB socket on the wall?
  • How to connect a USB wall outlet?
  • What are the choices in terms of the brand for this electrical equipment?

What Is A USB Wall Outlet

I may have gone a little too quickly in the introduction of this article when talking about a USB socket built into the wall. The USB socket, we know it mostly on the computer to connect a hard drive or a storage key.

But a USB port does not only allow data to be transferred but also makes it possible to power the device, which is connected by USB (like, for example, the USB key). A sell power plug (ขาย ปลั๊กไฟ which is the term in Thai) is, therefore, in no way connected to a computer, but it is a power outlet in USB format. But what is the purpose of putting a USB type power plug into electrical equipment?

Why Would You Want To Install A USB Wall Outlet

You may have noticed, but many devices charge with a USB type power supply. This will be more and more the case because the charger in USB format becomes mandatory. The most common of these USB charging devices are, without a doubt, smartphones. The smartphone is one of the many objects powered from a USB voltage source. But other objects are invading more and more inside our homes: connected objects, and the latter is overwhelmingly equipped with USB type power supply.

According to their design, this size is inconvenient and poses problems:

  • The transformer block comes out too large compared to the socket on the wall
  • The USB transformer hinders the insertion of other electrical outlets in the case of multiple recessed wall outlets

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