Guide to Building a Granny Flat

If you have the desire to build a high standard granny flat, then it is key that you invest a great deal of time into the project. Granny flats provide a great housing option, whether you are looking to downsize or add an additional living area on an existing property. These are small homes with a minimalist design which were traditionally were used for grandparents to move into, so that they could be closer to the family. Whilst this does still happen, granny flats are now being built for a host of other reasons. Regardless of your reason, here is how to go about building the perfect granny flat.

Planning and Budgeting

The first stage of this construction is to plan the build and budget for how much you want to spend. In terms of money a Granny flat can range from a basic model at $20,000, to a custom design build with all the bells and whistles that can cost upwards of $200,000. The design aspect of a granny flat is especially important as, in many cases, there is only a small amount of space to work with. However, even if the space is small it doesn’t mean that it needs to be cramped. If your budget allows, speak with a number of architects to get smart design ideas to make sure you make the most of the limited space you are provided.

When designing your granny flat you can also look to take inspiration from other similar constructions, or you can even look at display homes. When it comes to display homes, Melbourne has many companies which specialize in building granny flats which makes viewing various display homes a highly viable option. Alternatively, you can also look to buy a prefabricated home and you can find many companies which offer this housing option.

Getting the Right Builders

If you are going to buy a prefabricated Granny flat, then speak with the company who design them and ask for their recommendations of construction companies. If, however, you are having your own design built then you will have to spend some time researching the right builders for the job. The best builder is the one who can get the property completed quickly and to a high standard, without straying beyond the budget. One of the best practices in this case is to collect several quotes and weigh up which is best, as well as look at testimonials online to make sure the builder you select is reliable and has left a trail of satisfied customers.

Checking In

Try to involve yourself in the build as much as possible, without constantly micro-managing your builders. You should look to check in with them at least once a day, especially once they get to the interior. There may be last minute tweaks and changes which need to be made and given that this is your property, you need to be on hand to confirm these changes are all good to go ahead. It is also important that you continue to check on the progress of the build, to ensure that the construction team are working in line with the deadline they have given you.

These tips should put you well on the way to getting, your dream granny flat. Good luck with the project.

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