Keep your Home Cool in summers with these Simple Tips

During the summers, it’s not just the sun that’s heating your home. Many other factors play their role and increase the ever so heating up of the surroundings. While you struggle between the numerous showers to cool off, let’s think of saving some water and reduce the inside heat with these simple tips.

  • Less Reflection

If the sunlight is reflected across the room, it gets heated quickly. So, avoid having things that might create more reflection directly like mirrors.

  • Cotton is better

In areas where humidity is more, it’s better to wear light cotton clothes. Avoid wearing dark clothes.

  • Mind the Door

While you use AC or coolers, if there’s is a temperature difference between one room and the other, it’s better to keep the door closed. This will maintain the temperature inside the colder room. It’s even more important to keep your room door closed when you are using the AC. Of course, it differs depending upon the range of the AC. So you can get one that matched your requirement. Doesn’t matter whether you buy it from Air-conditioning store Rama 3 (ร้านแอร์พระราม3, which is the term in Thai) or from anywhere else, maintain it well so that it does not take much load and cools the room slowly.

  • Cook with Caution

It gets too much of a bother to cook in summers. So, make sure that you have proper ventilation and exhaust fans or tunnel to reduce the rising temperature. Don’t make cooking a task but something to enjoy.

  • Go White

Since dark colors absorb heat quickly, it’s recommended to use light clothes or better white in summers. You can cover your furniture with white clothes or covers which will help in reducing the overall heat in the room.

  • Counter Fan

Setting the fan to rotate counter-clockwise will help to push the warm air away from you and you will feel cooler. Of course, you don’t have to struggle much with Air-conditioning store Rama 3. But using fans when AC isn’t needed might save you some bills. 

  • Turn it Off

Lights and appliances should not be left on unnecessarily. They create heat as well. So you might want to keep an eye on this.

Now, you can plant some trees and have some indoor plants. This will help not just your home but the environment as well. Trees make everything better. Don’t they?

I hope you get to beat the heat with these tips. Stay cool!

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