Types of Concrete Piles Based Function or Use 

Foundation is important for any kind of project that you would be aspiring to complete. Foundation provides a structure to the whole thing and transfers the load of the structure to the soil. But the level at which the load is being transferred should have an adequate bearing capacity. 

You would see that there are several types of foundation concrete pile (ราคา เสาเข็ม, which is the term in Thai) you would find based on the function and the uses. Pile foundation is a deep foundation where slender columns and long cylinders are made with steel or something durable and sturdy. Here are a few types of pile foundations for better understanding. 

Sheet Piles: 

This type of pile is used to provide lateral support. From the loose soil, the pile helps in resisting the lateral pressure. From shore protection to trench sheeting, they are used for such projects and are never used for any kind of vertical support. They are mostly used for the construction of retaining walls, and also retaining the loose soil as well as helping with the confinement of the soil.  

Load Bearing Pile: 

This pile is mainly used to make sure that the load is being transferred from the structure to the soil in a vertical position. This pile helps in transferring the load from the soil onto the lower layer which would help in bearing it.

End Bearing Pile: 

In this kind of concrete pile, the load passes from the lower tip to the pile. The bottom layer of the pile is usually rested on a stronger layer of soil. And acting a column, it makes sure that the load is transferred to the strong layer in a safe manner. The total capacity of the load the end bearing pile can handle could be counted or calculated by multiplying the area of the pile tip and the capacity of the soil to bear it.  

Friction Pile: 

This is a pile which according to function would transfer the load from the structure to the soil by the frictional force. You would observe that friction would be developed for the entire pile and another factor to depend on would be the strata of the soil. When you are thinking about the designing of the skin friction pile, you should very carefully evaluate the safety factor which should be reasonably considered.   

Also, you would come across soil compacter pile which helps in increasing the bearing capacity of the soil. Thus, these are some of the ways by which you would be able to use concrete pile and its different functions. 

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