Looking to do a kitchen renovation? Choosing a countertop that fits your budget and suit your needs can be quite tricky. Nonetheless, it is important you make a good choice as this would go a long way in determining the functionality and style of your kitchen and the overall outcome of your kitchen renovation project.

New homeowners can easily get spoilt with choices when it comes to picking the right countertop for their home. From composite slabs to handmade tiles, there are a ton of features to consider before deciding on which countertop surface is best for you.

To avoid impulsive decision in your selection process, we have a compiled a list of countertops highlighting their benefits and downsides.


When you talk of elegant kitchen countertops, granite is word that comes to mind. Even though quite expensive, granite has been the countertop of choice in many homes for decades now. Flavored by the beauty of granite, your kitchen will quickly transform into a wonder to behold. Granite is quite very durable but can get stained easily if you don’t seal regularly. There might also be variation in the stone grain which may not appear like the sample you opted for.


When it comes to durability, quarts is the most suitable countertop anyone can hope to have. This wonderful kitchen countertop material is a human-made engineered stone product that contain as much as 93% quartz particle. The quartz material is shaped in suitable slab sizes and bounded firmly together by resin. Unlike granite, quartz has a non-porous surface that offers ample resistance to scratch and stain. Quartz is considered a superior, better-performing alternative for granite and marble. So if you’re looking to get a new countertop for your kitchen renovation, quartz will definitely be an excellent option.


Another kitchen countertop material rock star is marble. Notoriously known for its high price, marble is rarely used as countertops in most home. No two sheets of marble are exactly the same. So if you decide to get marble for your kitchen countertop, you can be rest assured no one else has that same exact type. Though high priced and sophisticated, marble is highly prone to scratch and stain which makes it a selectively used countertop material.


Due to its antique-like patina that can be very attractive in certain kitchen styles, soapstone has seen levels of resurgence in recent times. It has a smooth, silky feel and is highly stain resistant which makes it a very suitable material for both countertop and sink. Soapstone is naturally occurring and are very hard which makes them very durable when used for kitchen countertops.

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