Which Material is Best for Your Replacement Window Frames?

What is Full-Frame Window Replacement?

Windows are one of the most important features of any home and so are the window frames. Their aesthetic and practical functions cannot be overstated, and that’s why it is important to always go for the best quality. Window frames hold up the entire structure of your windows and because of their exposure to the elements, they can suffer a lot of damage. When replacing your window frames, you should not go for sub-standard materials. Find the best option for your replacement window frames among the selection below. 

  1. Vinyl


This is one of the most affordable materials for window replacements. Beyond that, it is also a very good insulator so it is worth the cost-efficiency. The material itself is a very versatile one that can be crafted into any design you want. This means you can completely remodel your window frame with its replacement. However, it may not be as durable as some of the other materials, and its aesthetic appeal is relatively low. 


  1. Fiberglass 


While it is not a popular option, fiberglass is an excellent material for window frames replacement. It is very durable and the maintenance is not stressful at all. Fiberglass expands and contracts with the weather so the energy-efficient values are very high for this material. For window frames replacement, it can be painted in a color that suits your taste. While similar to vinyl in appearance, Fiberglass is more expensive than the latter. 


  1. Aluminum 


For a more modern and rugged option, aluminum is a great choice. It works well for a sleek setting, with very low maintenance needs. Aluminum doesn’t wear out or rot though it is not as energy-efficient as some other options. It is also on the more expensive side of the budget so you may want to weigh in its features, when compared to cost of installation and replacement.


  1. Wood 


When it comes to strength, durability, and longevity, wooden window frame replacements are a great choice. They are the most traditional material used for window frames, and with good reason. Constant repaint and maintenance are however required to maintain the standard for wooden window frames. Also, they are slightly more expensive than vinyl or fiberglass but the usage is worth the cost.


  1. Composite


Also known as Clad Wood, composite window frames are made from the mix of wood and vinyl/aluminum. With this mixture of any two great materials, composite windows are a great choice for durability and budget-friendly too. Composite window frames replacement give you the qualities of two materials in one frame.

Each of these materials have special characteristics that make them great options. Pick the option that best fits your needs and taste. For expert installation, hire a windows and doors company for your replacement window frames.


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