How Do You Increase Curb Appeal When Selling A House?

Before you put your home on the market for sale you have to improve its curb appeal. Why is this important? Curb appeal is one of the vital things that attract prospective buyers to your home. It’s the perfect combo of visual charm, attention to detail and good upkeep. Appealing landscaping or a well painted and repaired windows and doors can get your house off the market. Curb appeal is the first impression your house gives. Now, most people think improving curb appeal is expensive. For this reason, we’ll give you five ways to bolster curb appeal when selling a house.

1. Windows and doors

Your windows and doors have a huge role to play to your home curb appeal. For the front doors, use contrasting colors to bring them to life. Be sure to choose colors that match the colors of your home’s exterior landscaping. Make sure the windows are properly cleaned. Sparkling windows may just do the trick for your potential buyer.

2. Outdoor living space

Another way to get positive attention from a potential buyer is to expand the living space outdoors. If your garden, deck or porch is large enough you can install simple and inexpensive furnishings. Some of the furnishings include deck furniture, porch swing, outdoor bar, dining areas and many more.

3. Repaint the exterior

Besides fixing windows and doors you can repaint the exterior of your home. It gives your home a brand-new look. However, note that if outside of the house looks ready for a paint job, you can add a new coat of paint. How do you decide on the color scheme? You can take a walk through your neighborhood and take note of the colors and shades that look good to you and fit in well among other houses. If you see something you like, get the details on the paint from the homeowner.

4. Fix and clean paving

Patch the asphalt and concrete paving outside your home. You can also apply a fresh coat of sealer to the asphalt. Not to forget that you can add a new layer of gravel on your pathways and gravel drives.

5. Mow, weed, and trim

It’s important that the lawn thoroughly mowed. Take a weekend to shape, prune and cut overgrown shrubs. Be sure not to miss overgrown and abandoned areas. You can also remove limbs and prune trees that hang around the house.

There you have it! It doesn’t cost too much to increase your home’s curb appeal before you put it on the market.

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