How to light a landscape?

Landscape lighting can increase the curb appeal of any home. But did you know this is the best solution you have at hand to create a safe and stylish environment. Well, plenty of lighting solutions for yards help you light up pathways and underline the features of decorative elements. All you have to do is choose one or more of the following landscape lighting methods. Let’s see how you can make your yard stylish starting today. 

  1. Up lighting

Up lighting is excellent to underline architectural details. Also, these are great for increasing safety in dark stairs or decks. And they can be installed straight into a yards’ decking or hardscape, saving you a lot of hassle. You can also use this type of lighting solution to illuminate trees at night and create a dramatic effect.

  1. Silhouetting

This is a fancy way to add light to your yard and create dramatic shapes. All you have to do is position the light source behind the item you plan to light to achieve the best results.

  1. Shadowing

Shadowing is the reverse of silhouetting. You will have to install the lights between the primary vantage point and the lit item. If you aim the light source for the item, you will achieve a stylish effect.

  1. Moon lighting

This is a pro tip from designers, and it is recommended for yards with towering trees. If you use spotlights, you can aim them to the branches and create a breathtaking effect.

  1. Grazing

Grazing requires installing the light near the flat surface and aiming it on the surface for a shadow play. You can graze up or down, depending on your preferences.

  1. Washing

If your space requires more ambient lighting, you can create it by flooding a large wall with light. It is best to use a wide-beam lighting solution to light up space.

Expert Tips on how to Light a Landscape

Now that you know the best approaches to use lights in a yard, you should consider the following technical tips:

  • Lumen output for landscape solutions can differ and can be modified based on how bright you want everything to be. Search for fixtures with adjustable lumen output for the best brightness control.
  • As for today, the go-to solution for landscape lighting is LEDs. LED lights come with plenty of advantages and useful features, such as an easily adjustable beam spread.
  • And, of course, you should never overlook the importance of color temperature. A pro tip is to choose the same color family as the objects you plan to illuminate. For example, warmer lights work great on brown sidings and oak trees, while cool colors are great on dark gray exteriors.

This is how to light a landscape like a professional. All you have to do is choose the best landscape lighting solution for your needs and expectations. And besides this, you can have fun and play with the suggested lighting methods for yards. You will be amazed by the results!

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