Mediterranean Interior: A Complete Makeover To Your Home

In order to call a house your home, you might need many things such as family, comfort, safety, etc. The appearance or structure of your house is very important when it comes to comfort and safety. Roof damages, issues with the exterior and poor overall maintenance can ruin the aesthetics of your house.

An aesthetically pleasing, the well-maintained household has much more solace to offer than a neglected house with many issues. According to psychologists, it is a proven fact that humans perform better in bright, well-maintained surroundings. Here is how you can give a complete makeover to your house in a Mediterranean style.

Interior Colours

Mediterranean way of interior designing involves adding colours such as turquoise and bright yellow to your home. The style comes from countries such as Greece, Spain, and Italy where the sun always shines bright and the waters are turquoise. The Mediterranean interior also involves incorporating a lot of colourful flowers and birds in your designs. Rustic furniture, rough textures and stone tile floors are all elements of the Mediterranean interior design.

Since the style is unique a lot of people think it is difficult to design your interior in a Mediterranean design. You can seek help from interior designers if you have never designed your home before. Advantage Styling is a prime example; you can get Interior Design & Interior Decoration Services from them.

Furniture Style

If you want to design your interior in a Mediterranean style then you can use handcrafted furniture made up of pine or bog oak. You can use a colour theme with bright colours for the fabric of your sofas and chairs. You can use both cold and warm colours. Cold colours can include white, grey, emerald and blue whereas warm colours can include shades of bright yellow, red, orange, terracotta, brick colour, pink, etc.

Handy acquaintances for Mediterranean style interior

Mediterranean interior involves putting up a lot of paintings and designs on the walls. The roofs or ceilings can be painted white but there needs to be unique texture. You can use a combination of multiple textures as well such as mosaic tiles and decorative plaster. Your floorings do not have to be shiny; you can use tiles that have a rough texture. You can use marble tiles of warm colours and can place a reed mat on top.

You can work on your existing bedroom and convert it into a Mediterranean style by using white linen as your curtains and bedsheets. You can also add colour to your room by placing a colourful rug on the floor. The furniture that you use in your bedroom i.e. your bed, closet, dresser, sofa, chairs, tables, etc. should be made up of cane or pine.

If you want a more Italian look then you can use furniture that is made of black metal. Italian bedrooms do not have much wood except on the floors and the closets. Italian style involves a lot of patterns but not very bright colours. You can visit this website to visually see how you can give your house a complete Mediterranean style makeover.

You can also design your living room using Mediterranean style. If you want to use the Greek style then you can incorporate furniture made of wood in your living room. If you are using Italian design then you should not use a lot of wood. You can buy furniture which is made up of metal.

You can combine your dining room with your lounge, if possible, to create a more Mediterranean feel. Living rooms in Italy, Greece, and Spain are usually huge in size and are filled with tables, chairs, and bookshelves.

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