Smart and Easy Tips to Maintain your Kitchen Garden

Are you looking for some new ideas to renovate your kitchen? Well, if yes, then consider having a kitchen garden and harvest fruits, vegetables, and other herbs in your kitchen. The kitchen garden will give a modern look to your kitchen. Sometimes kitchen design and renovations idea can cost you a significant amount, but including a garden in your kitchen will not cost you much. It will give you fresh food every day as well.

If maintaining a kitchen garden sounds excellent and exciting to you, then you need to understand garden needs and care diligently. Listed below are some necessary steps that you should follow on a regular basis to have a lustrous green kitchen garden.

·       Make mulch your friend

Mulch is a kind of layer of material that is applied over the soil. After planting your plants, add mulch around them. Using mulch will help in the conservation of soil, cooling the soil, reducing the growth of weed. It also helps in increasing and improving the fertility of the soil along with that it enhances the visual appearance of the plant. Add two pinches of mulch every year in your garden once you plant the saplings. It is one of the major and significant parts of garden needs and care.

·       Water

Every living thing on this planet needs water to survive and sustain; your garden is no different. Keep this in mind that if you want a garden to produce vegetables, fruits, and other herbs, then you need to water it daily without any carelessness. Each garden can have specific water requirements that are directly dependent upon the types of plants that you have planted. Notice the requirement of water that your plants need to sustain and then water them accordingly.

·       Say a big No to weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow beside your plants. Weeds are detrimental to the growth and health of your garden.  They are harmful because they steal the nutrients from your plant and compete with them for the same. Keep in mind to pull off the weeds from your garden. As soon as you find a weed growing, remove it out of the mulch. Do not forget to remove weeds once in a week.

·       Feed your plants

As mentioned earlier, that water is necessary for your plants, feeding them is essential too. Fertilizing is vital in order to have a garden that produces in a reasonable quantity. You can use natural fertilizers to feed your plant. There are many websites now that sell fertilizers online. You can consider buying fertilizers online as well.

·       Remove out the dead

It is natural to find dead blooms on a plant; do not panic and remove the whole plant. Instead, pluck out the dead bloom out of your plant. Removing such dead flowers helps in maintaining the health and growth of the plant.

Well, that’s all about the maintenance and care of a kitchen garden. It is one of the most cost-efficient ideas of kitchen design and renovations that you can have in your home to have an elegant and modern looking kitchen area.

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