The 3 major parts of a roof that you would need to take care of

The roof is indeed a major and important component of a house. A roof helps to ensure that your home’s interior is protected from harsh weather conditions. It protects occupants from the rain and even the sun rays. Moreover, a proper roofing system also balances the air ventilation in your house. However, even though it is one of the major components of a house, it is yet often ignored and uncared for. The only time that home owners would pay attention to their roofing system is when the roof starts leaking water or stops functioning optimally. If your roof is experiencing a severe water leakage, you should seriously consider getting a roofing contractor or a professional to inspect your roof, diagnose the core problem and get it fix. There are several roofing solutions such as: tile roof restoration, roof repair, and roof waterproofing. You should research on the several waterproofing contractors companies out there an engage one to help you.

If you are seeking to look for insights about how you can take good care of your roof, here are three main parts of the roof that you would need to take note of.


The shingles; also known as roof tiles are the things that make up the most of the roof’s exterior. They are constantly exposed to the harsh weather conditions and they protect the roof underlayment from moisture attack. Shingles also act as a decorative component that could differentiate your home’s exterior from the rest.


The roof flashing is another important component of a roof. It is a thin waterproof material that keeps water from getting underneath your shingles. They are often found around the windows, chimneys, gutters and at joints to help channel the water elsewhere.


Lastly, other than the shingles, the other layer that acts as a protective layer is the roof underlayment. It is exactly at where the roof tiles are positioned. This layer also helps to prevent water leakage and is the foundation of the roof.

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