The Perfect Options for the Right Landscape Architecture

Here are the rules to keep in mind if you decide to set up and care for your lawn in late summer. The options are there.

Lawn ground

First, clean and loosen the soil, which will make it more oxygenated. Hand-loosening the soil is a very demanding task, which is why a tiller is a good solution. The expert in Augusta, GA Landscape Architecture  happens to be essential in this work.

Weed weeding

There are two ways to remove unnecessary weeds manual treatment and using chemicals. In the second case, remember not to treat the shrubs with specifics, because the plants will then be significantly damaged. In the future (preferably after at least a year), in addition to weeding, it is also good to scarify. Its purpose is to remove harmful weeds and organic residues, but also to properly aerate and allow water to reach deep into the earth. A good quality scarifier will make the grass more resistant to fungal diseases or the appearance of weeds.

Mixtures for fertilizing the soil

Let’s use mixtures rich in phosphorus and potassium. The first of them will affect the grass root system, enabling them to grow properly, the second will make the lawn immune to diseases, drought or frost.

Cutting grass

Before cutting grass, make sure the mower has sharp blades, otherwise the grass will be jagged and the leaves will be broken. Grass trimmed too low does not tolerate drought, so during the August heat it is good to leave the lawn at a height of not less than 6 cm.

Watering the grass

Even if heavy rainfall occurs in our region, we must not forget to regularly water the newly established lawn. Nearby trees and shrubs absorb large amounts of water from the soil through the root system, so despite heavy rain, we are not sure that our lawn will be properly irrigated.

Higher temperatures outside the window mean that we are more and more willing to spend time outdoors in home gardens. Unfortunately, it often happens that with his care we make mistakes that can expose plants and the lawn to serious problems. Improper mowing, improper fertilization or the wrong place to plant plants – these are only some sins that should be avoided.

Care of home greenery is a constant refinement of details that requires both having garden passion and a large amount of time. A well-kept garden is a constant work from early spring to late autumn. It is worth making an examination of conscience and checking what behaviors expose our garden to neglect.

Incorrect fertilization of plants

Fertilizing plants is a very important care treatment, thanks to which they will grow properly and bloom profusely. Before we start this process, it is necessary to know the requirements of plants that grow in our home garden. The most common errors associated with their fertilization include: the use of improper fertilizer, fertilization or the wrong date of fertilization.

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