What to Consider When Selecting Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician can break or make your business. Imagine spending a whole night without lights just because an electrician messed up your wiring. What about your perishable goods getting spoiled because the fridge or freezer went off for hours because of an electrical error caused by the wrong electrician? Getting the best electrician for remodeling a building or wiring a business is a critical step every business should take. In selecting Melbourne’s best electrician, these are the things to consider.

Licensing and Insurance

Getting the cheapest of commercial electricians may be a simple way out to save money until you discover that they don’t have licensing and insurance. Just imagine something messing up your electrical wiring or equipment, and not having an insurance cater for the losses. Every licensed electrician will mostly carry liability and compensation insurance to cater for injuries and damages that may result from accidents.  Checking the insurance certificates of a commercial electrician can save you a great deal.

Training and Credentials

Credentials are a must-have if an electrician has to do a clean and thorough job. Commercial electrical problems aren’t so simple to be handled by everyone who considers themselves an electrician. This is a career that takes years of training and practice to earn the credentials needed to deliver quality services. When selecting, lookout for someone who has licensed in carrying out commercial projects of all calibers. Don’t be too quick to judge an electrician by what others say but invest time to study their credentials to be sure you are getting someone qualified to handle such kinds of projects.

References and Reviews

Even in this world of advanced technology, recommendations still work.  Seek referrals from people you trust like friends and relatives to know various electricians you can compare. Calling several of the commercial electricians you are referred to will be a great way to assess their competence in delivering top-notch services. A look at the company’s site and reviews will help you give you a better understanding of the company you’re hiring. You shouldn’t forget to check things like customer testimonials and portfolios as they carry useful information that can help you much.

Electrician’s Experience Level

Consider the experience level of your preferred electrical contractors and residential electrician. There’s nothing riskier than trusting your business wiring and electrical equipment with untrained personnel. Other best places to check to know an electrician’s experience levels are the BBB and other local groups. Checking out with these organizations will significantly help you better understand the electrician you are about to hire.


This is almost everything you must consider when searching for a commercial electrician. Checking out these things before making a hiring decision will surely save you from making mistakes and settling for wrong commercial electricians. Ken’s Power House Electrics is one of Melbourne’s top electrician who has trained and talented electricians specializing in the commercial and residential sector. Considering them for your next electrical project will save you a great deal and ensure you get the perfect electrician.

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