How do you know if your windows are bad?

Admit it! When you think about windows replacement, you see it as a long-term investment. And this feeling can make you believe that it is better to repair windows. But our experts say that there are warning signs that tell your windows are bad. So, if you want to keep your house secure and adequately insulated, read on. We shared our tips and tricks on identifying bad windows.

#1 Your windows have visible gaps

Visible gaps represent the leading sign you need windows replacement. And this tells you that window installation was poor. This allowed the frame to shift in time, which led to gaps and safety issues. Keep in mind that you need a professional assessment for your windows to determine whether you need window replacement. In some cases, the contractor might be able to repair your windows. Still, almost always, the main recommendation is to replace and install new windows professionally.

#2 You have drafts in your home

Bad windows cause a drafty interior environment. And this might happen because your windows reached the end of their life. Or simply because they were installed inadequately. No matter why your home is drafty, experts say it is best to consider replacing your windows with energy-efficient solutions. These will improve the comfort of your home and will prevent unwanted security problems.

#3 Your windows freeze during winter months

Did you ever notice frost on your windows? Well, if this happens every time temperatures drop, it is time for windows replacement. When your windows deteriorate, they consistently accumulate frost because of an air leak. And in most cases, the leak can’t be repaired, which is why experts recommend windows replacement.

#4 Your windows are jammed

Jammed windows are the worst scenario. You might struggle to get them open or close. But no matter what the issue is, when your windows get stuck, it is time to replace them. Wear and tear can deteriorate your windows system, which is why your windows’ effectiveness relies on them fitting smoothly into the tracks. Old windows can’t be repaired in this situation, and you need to think seriously about replacing your windows.

#5 You have mold, dampness and increased moisture in your home

If you notice a lot of condensation and humidity inside your home, it might be because your windows are faulty. Remember that increased moisture can favor the appearance of dampness and mold. Mold is hazardous for our health, so you should take this situation seriously. The first thing you need to do is to replace your windows and follow up with some professional mold removal solution.

So, this is how to tell if your windows are bad. If you notice one or more of the signs listed above, you should consider asking a windows and doors company for window replacement. You will receive suggestions and solutions personalized to your property. And besides this, there are plenty of energy-efficient windows options on the market, which can help you decrease the energy bills and improve home comfort.

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