Building a Cheap Shed

Is your garage or home overloaded with all manner of tools, gadgets, equipment and other stuff which needs to be stored? A shed is the perfect option for you to safely store all these items. Now when it comes to garden sheds there is an enormous range of options. There are some great reliable options available such as Colorbond sheds which are sturdy and safe, or alternatively you could look to build your own cheap shed. Some DIY knowledge and some materials are all you need, follow our guide here on building a cheap shed. 

No Frills Design

Custom-made sheds often come with price tags of around $2,000-$3,000. The reason for this is that many of these structures feature luxury frills and touches which a professional builder is looking for. Most custom shed designers need these to help wire up their shed with lighting and electronics as, in many of these cases, they aren’t looking to create a simple storage shed. But as a cheap shed builder you will more than likely be in this category, so frills aren’t needed. 

Cost Effective Materials

Getting to know which materials are cheaper than others is also going to be a key factor in minimizing the cost of building your own shed. For example, metal is one of the cheapest materials to use on your shed and compared to other options such as brick, wood or vinyl, it will ensure that you keep the cost of your shed low. Wood of course ranges in price depending on what type of wood it is and how it has been treated, and while generally it is a lot more labour intensive material, you can also find low cost wood to use instead. 

Search Online

Prior to building your shed you should be doing plenty of searching online, and when you are out and about, to try and reclaim some unwanted materials. Very often people even offer their old, or broken sheds for free online, and there will be plenty there to salvage for your own shed. You may also find that lumber mills have plenty of waste which you could put to good use. Cheap sheds can be built using a variety of reclaimed materials and there is nothing cheaper than free! 

Renting Tools

If you don’t have all the necessary tools to complete the build, then avoid being tempted to buy new ones. A cheaper alternative can be renting them or borrowing tools from a friend or a family member. However, it is important that if you decide to rent tools that you efficiently use them. For example, rent them for a day and get all the major work done on that day.

Always Check Permits

The last thing that you want is to build a great cheap shed to store all of your items, only to get hit with a fine because you didn’t have the necessary permits in order. Before you even begin building your shed check to see what, if any, permits you are going to need for having a shed in the garden. 

By following these simple tips, you can have your own cheap reliable shed in no time. 

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