Decorating Your Home with Wall Hangings

When you are looking to re-decorate one or more rooms in your home a great option you have to put up on the walls is a macrame wall hanging Australia. There is so much choice with types, sizes and styles that these are not just for more whimsical homes anymore. A modern home could also work with this kind of décor. Fill in the space in a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room, even a bathroom! Just spend some time looking for something that is great for your preferences and your style of home.          

Lots of different types

The fantastic thing about wall hangings is the variety of types you can find. As well as macrame wall hangings you can get a whole other range, tapestries, murals, sculptured artwork, and more. Some are on canvas, some are on metal, some on wood. The type you get can be guided by how large the room is you want to hang something in, what kind of mood you want to create, and what you have to spend. You can check out online stores and go further out in the country or even the world to find the hangings you love, or you can head it in-person to stores near you. Take a look at art shops, antique and knickknack shops, as well as more traditional textile stores.

Themes and styles to suit everyone

Just as you can find artwork in all kinds of styles, themes and colours, so you can find the same in a macrame wall hanging Australia. While you might think of creams, whites and beige colours in macrame artwork, it can be dyed and you can get it in lots of different colours and themes. You can choose something that looks good in your room. It might be something that looks great, something that has personal meaning and to suit a theme you have running throughout the room. 

You can have a go at making something yourself but there are very accomplished artists that make great pieces of art. You could even hire one to make something personalised. While this is a traditional form of artwork there is a lot of opportunity to modernise it today. Abstract work, geometric shapes, scenic landscapes, cityscapes and more. Add in decorative features like beads too.


The great thing about a wall hanging is that you can find them for very affordable and fair prices, or you can choose to have something more expensive made. Cost also depends on the size you need and what materials you want in it. There are some really lovely pieces that are of great quality and they will become timeless. 


When shopping for a macrame wall hanging Australia, think about what you want to say and treat like a piece of art. Consider where you are hanging it, what style the room has, what you want to evoke when people come into your house and see it.

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