Guides for foreigners when buying a condominium in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the alluring destinations both for local and foreign tourists. Thailand, especially its capital, Bangkok, has a lot of things to offer – beaches, affordable cost of living, and real estate. Foreigners who wish to invest in Thailand’s real estate can do so provided they meet the country’s requirements. Many tourists prefer to purchase a condo over a house and lot. Ekamai Condo is one of the best condos in Bangkok. Some of the ways to acquire a real estate property in Thailand are the following:

  • Leasehold – 

Lease the land for a maximum period of 30 years. You can renew the lease up to three times. 

  • Buying a property with the help of your Thai spouse – 

Your spouse who is a Thai national buy the property and lease the land for you. 

  • Set up a Thai limited company to purchase the property –

You can buy the property through your company and appoint yourself as the director.

  • Buying a condo – 

Foreigners love to buy condos in Thailand, especially in the major cities like Bangkok and Phuket. You will not only have a comfortable place to live in, but you will also enjoy the amenities that come with it such as swimming pools and gyms, to name a few. The beauty of condominium in Thailand is that foreigners can buy the condo with their own name and a title deed will be given to you indicating that you are the rightful owner. 

So, if you are a foreigner and you are planning to stay long or stay for good in Thailand, make sure you know what your options are when procuring a real estate property. Every money counts and so you need to choose the most practical option. Buying a condo is by far the most practical option. Buy the best condo in Bangkok and you won’t regret it.

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