Install the best water softener for softening hard water 

Hard water consists of high mineral contents like calcium and magnesium which can leave deposit and scale on the plumbing fixtures. It can also clog pipes and also reduce the efficiency of applications. Best salt free water softener system consists of resin beads which hold electricity charged ions. It exchanges hardness ions for salts ions.  The exchanges of ions take place in the resin tank of the water softener system. If the water flows through the tank then it comes in contact with resin beads which is covered with salt ions.   

With the online search, you can Find out More details about your selected water softener system.  So, before buying water softener system you should look for various features that help to soften the hard water of your home.

Features of water softener system 

Energy efficient – if you want to remove hardness of the water and also want to save money on utility bills then energy efficient water softener system is the best option. It uses 80% less water than the conventional water softener system for the same hardness removed. 

High quality resin – poor quality resin has low capacity for softening water which means frequent regenerations and unnecessary salt water usages. So, before buying softener system for your house you should ensure about the quality of the resin. 

Digital display – most of the water softener system have the analog clock display. You can set the weekly regeneration cycle with the help of analog clock system display. It consists of LCD screen which makes it easy to use.  This display provides even the minute information about the cycle which you set for regeneration. 

Easy to use – filter and resin has the quality of self cleaning so there is no need to change frequently. It also has a space saving design and also consists of various easy to fill salt cabinets that make water softening process convenient and easy. 

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