How Much Should Air Conditioning Repairs Cost You In Dallas Texas?

The weather of scorching heat is here and during this part of the year, the HVAC contractors are heavily equipped in fixing and repairing air conditioners. People usually start panicking if their air conditioner malfunctions in summers as they are unable to bear the vigorous sweating. Furthermore, the cost of repairing also gives them unwanted stress as the repairing of an air conditioner is usually very expensive.

Well, now you don’t need to lose your blood pressure as HVAC is available to do the work for you according to your feasibility. For more information please visit: 1st Class Air Service in Dallas Texas.

Service Call

If your air conditioner is down the first and foremost expense that comes right in front of you is the service call charge. Majority companies that offer repairing services charge this fee mandatory from their customers to make sure that their time was not given free of cost to someone. The standard rate per service call is estimated to be from $50 to $100. However, if you have requested for an urgent repair then it usually gets repaired within a day but this will cost you an emergency fee for getting an urgent repair. Some contractors or dealers reduce the charges by offering coupons so that the customer can easily bear the charges of a service call. However, it is beneficial to overview the deals that are available on the contractor’s website.

Parts and Labor

When you hand over the responsibility of repairing your air conditioner to HVAC we give you an estimate of the repairing cost. We only charge money for repairing what needs to be fixed in your air conditioner. This involves the participation of both the cost of parts and labor as well. The most common malfunctions or the problems that occur or the charges you might for these problems are as follows;

Flush condensate drain line $75 to $250
Replace drip pan $250 to $575
Replace condensate drain line $20
Replace condensate drain pump $240 to $450
Repair refrigerant leak $200 to $1,500
Recharge refrigerant $250 to $750
Replace condenser coil $1,900 to $2,900
Replace compressor $1,900
Repair fan motor $200 to $650
Replace $75 to $290
relays, breakers, or fuses $250 to $575

How to Avoid AC Repair Costs

There are some major problems require professionals. However, we have certain hacks that may turn out to be useful in repairing your air conditioner and you can try them before calling us.

Power Issues:

  • Restart your thermostat and check if the cool mode is selected.
  • Make sure that the vacation or hold mode is off.
  • Check the battery status of your thermostat and if it’s hardwired do check your breaker if it’s on and not tripped.
  • Check the switches near your indoor air handler & outdoor condenser unit.

AC Filter Issues:

  • Check if the filter is fixed into the filter cabinet correctly
  • Check the airflow
  • Check the air filter and clean if it’s not clean

1st Class Air Service Helps the Homeowners by Making the Repair Feasible

We understand that getting your air conditioner repaired is the least preferred thing that you wish to do in such hot and unbearable weather. For this reason, we have several blogs and videos which can exempt the repair cost. If you need our services you can call the nearest HVAC contractor by searching through our HVAC Contracting Directory.

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