How to Make These 5 Simple DIY Bathroom Scents?

If your bathroom isn’t smelling very well, you can always try different ways on how to make it fresh and good.

Below are easy to make DIY scents that can help keep your bathroom smell nice:

Cinnamon Stick Candles

In this Martha Stewart craft, you will only need pillar candle (at least 3-inches in diameter), cinnamon sticks, floral shears, glue gun, and dish or coaster. Steps are: Measure candle height. Cut cinnamon sticks to size with floral shears. Typically, it requires 20 lengths per candle. Run hot glue along with cinnamon stick, affix it vertically to the side of the candle. To minimize melting, set it to a low temperature. Once the first stick is dry, glue the next stick snugly against it and then repeat to cover the candle. Place the finished candle on a dish or coaster.

It’s not just aesthetically pleasing; you will smell the glorious cinnamon!

Baking soda

Baking soda is not just useful to food but also it can make your room smell good as well.

You will need one-half cup baking soda (per jar), essential oil of your preference (eight to 12 drops), mason jar, scrapbook paper, tapestry needle, scissors, and pen. Here’s how you can do it: Take the scrapbook paper and trace out the inner lid of the mason jar – cut out that piece of paper. Pierce the small piece of paper with the tapestry needle – it will make holes so the scent can waft through. Pour about one-half cup of baking soda into the mason jar. Add eight to 12 drops of essential oil of your choice – start by adding less oil. Add a bit more if not strong enough for your room. Place the scrapbook paper inside the mason jar ring and tighten it onto the jar. Gently shake up the baking soda mixture.

This air freshener is more natural than chemical sprays. Plus, it’s flameless!

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And to know more about the different DIY bathroom scents you can make, read this infographic.

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