Is Your Property Safe Inside a Self Storage Unit?

If you’re looking to get started with a rental storage unit but concerned about the safety of your belongings, then know that there are many things that you need to evaluate before signing a lease agreement. After all, you are entrusting your possessions to the oversight of the storage service provider.

The truth is that most storage facilities are not kept in excellent operating condition. Many of them do not even have the security measures in place that would guarantee that your items will be kept safe under their care. Hence it is crucial to know what to look out for when choosing a rental storage facility.

What makes a secure self-storage facility?

Sadly it’s common for self-storage facilities to look very run down. You might find that they use low-quality locks and that many of the storage units are in a state of disrepair. Such units can easily be broken into by anyone with a remote interest in burglarizing your storage unit. If you find any evidence that suggests the latter, you will do well to give that storage centre a hard pass.

Moreover, avoid storage facilities with lousy lighting. If there is no ample light, it encourages break-ins and robberies, specifically if the self-storage units are accessible from the outside. This can also leave you exposed when attending to your storage unit alone.

What security measures should you expect?

Many service providers for storage rental in Sydney cut corners when it comes to security. Choose a rental storage centre with patrolling personnel, closed-circuit security electronic cameras that record, and other security measures that fall in the lap of management- whether that be excellent or bad management. Rental storage systems that do not have alarms which put your valuables at risk.

It is essential to find a balance between security and cost. It would help if you never compromised your safety or the security of your items for your budget plan- there is certainly a fit that can be discovered. In the long run, if you compromise safety for a shady storage unit(s), it will cost you more than a couple of extra dollars a month. Even with the very best tenant’s insurance, or possessions insurance coverage, it is not likely that if theft or damage happens while your things are being stored that you will recover the whole expense.

To find the right balance between storage cost and security, there are a couple of elements to look into before acquiescing to a contract that will have you spending a portion of your income each month. Request an appointment from the personnel, perhaps even the manager of any centres you may be considering. Doing so will give you the opportunity to interview the staff member about the centre and the method it operates in practical regard. 

Of course, friendly and helpful staff are only one part of the equation. Likewise, you need to pay close attention to the real state of the storage facility and not get sidetracked. Are the centres clean and well-maintained? How do the lock systems work? Do they have 24/7 bright lighting and security cameras?

Budget and security need not go to odds with one another. With a bit of time and energy, you will be able to find cheap storage space in Melbourne that you can trust with your hard-earned belongings.

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