Sewage Backup Cleanup Services: Causes of Sewer Backup in Homes

Everyone knows; sewer backup is an annoying problem in the home. Spending several hundreds of dollars to fix the problem is probably not as bad as the level of the havoc it wreaks on home furniture, wall, flooring, and electrical conduit. On average, sewage backup cleanup services cost $50 at the least. However, homeowners whose homes are relatively uninhabitable due to sewer backup may file for insurance. Loss of coverage is a policy that reimburses the homeowner the rental income losses in cases where a part of the home is rented out.

Why You Need Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

Combined Pipelines

If you combine raw sewage and stormwater in the same pipe, you may incur sewer backup problems. When it rains, the pipeline experiences a larger volume of water than normal days. Eventually, sewage spews into basements and surroundings leading to a sewer a backup situation.

Old Sewage Systems

Because of the ageing sewer system, many homeowners are experiencing sewer backup problems at the rate of about 3 per cent every year. For instance, there are sewer lines that age up to three decades of use. If your home is connected to such old sewers, you may have sewer backup problems frequently. By hiring sewage backup cleanup services, you can replace them so that you don’t have to worry about sewer problems for another few years.

Sanitary Main

The city’s sanitary main is one of the best locations for the beginnings of sewer backup problems. When ignored for long, sewage may back up in residential and commercial areas. But since the problem proceeds slowly, licensed plumbing services rather than sewage backup cleanup service is your best bet. 

Tree Roots

When trees and shrubs grow, they move in the direction of moisture. This explains the sewer line cracks in many homes because the roots penetrate the walls of the sewer. Most times, continuous growth induce blockage in the sewer system. If there is a tree in the same radius as your sewer, you may have to hire sewage backup cleanup services to deal with the blockage before it degenerates into a bigger problem.

Flooded Basement 

In reality, the flooded basement does not lead to a sewer backup problem. Usually, when it rains, soil moves towards the building and down the wall of the foundation. Especially in old structures, you will find cracks in the floor slab, which facilitates the movement of water. In case the structural integrity has been compromised and is waterproof, the problem is often more severe. However, this only happens after rainstorms when groundwater has exceeded saturation level. The best method to tackle the problem is to improve the drainage system that prevents flooding and drains water away from the foundation.

It is your home, your property. You must monitor the maintenance of sewer systems except when the problem is at the municipal. For sewer lateral, the problem is exclusive to the homeowner and further deterioration or cracks in the sewer system can be prevented if you salvage the situation early on. More so, abandoning sewer backup problem for several days leads to contamination of groundwater when sewer backup seeps down the soil.

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