Tips For Hiring A Right Landscaper For Landscaping In Killara

If you are planning to landscape your outdoor space, then hiring professional landscapers in Killara is very important. Hiring a professional landscaper not only aids in saving your money but also help to execute your plan based on the space available. They will also suggest trees and plants based on your location climate. The landscaper will supply all the tools needed for landscaping and the workforce for installing and maintaining the landscape. Some landscaping companies provide training for the house owners to maintain the installed landscape. In this article let us discuss some useful tips for hiring the right landscaper and choosing the perfect landscape ideas for your outdoor space.

Landscaper and their credentials:

Before hiring the landscaper check whether they have proper local and state certificates or required licenses. Even the pesticide applicators for the landscape to control disease, insects and weeds should have a government license.

For participating in the professional development program conducted by a government or private institute the landscaper must have a membership card in nursery association or state landscape association. House owners prefer a landscaper who has the license and new innovative ideas for their outdoor space. Licensed landscapers will provide quality work. Check the previous projects of the landscaper to find their standards and quality of work.

Landscape ideas:

House owners must have a simple idea for their outdoor space. They must discuss their idea with the professional landscaper for implementing it. They must also have some basic knowledge about the type and the required material for landscaping in Killara. If you do not have any landscaping ideas, then the landscaper will show you different ideas for implementing you can choose one from that. If needed the landscaper will show the sample plants. A professional landscaper will also give you extra suggestions and tips for maintaining the landscape. Warranties for the plants and work differently for each landscaper and also the plants you selected.

Cost of landscaping in Killara:

The cost of the project depends on the landscaping idea. Discuss the budget and ideas with the experts. Confirm whether the quotation is fixed, or it is just an estimate. It is recommended to sign a contract before starting the project. The contract includes the cost of the project, time duration, warranty for the plant, material and the things included in the project. Most landscapers will ask for advance payment for purchasing raw material and plants needed for the implementation work.


Some landscapers in Killara will have separate divisions for maintenance. It is always recommended to do annual maintenance for the landscape. If your plant dies or if there is any crack in the patio then you can claim warranty for that. Most of the landscapers provide a two-year warranty for the plants and five-year warranty for the patio and other decorative items with certain terms and conditions. In addition to the installation process and the maintenance work, some landscapers will also feed the required nutrients for the plants and trees. Experts will have knowledge about the plants and their fertilization process needed for their growth. In the case of plant disease, the landscaper will test and provide the required treatment for it.

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