Types of carpet flooring

Office carpet tiles are all produced with many different qualities and finishes. It is very important to have all this information when choosing our suitable carpet tiles for your office. We have highlighted some of the types and designs for you when choosing your carpet tiles.

There are three main layers of carpet tiles

  1. Tufted Cut Pile Carpet Tiles
  2. Tufted Carpet Tiles
  3. Tiles Punch Carpet Tiles


Manufactured carpet tiles are made from Polypropylene or nylon thread in any loop or pile construction.

The mass of nylon is about 500 to 1200 grams per square meter suitable for this method of construction.

Loop Pile

Loop pile polypropylene carpet tiles are not usually suitable for the most used areas, but can also be used in even the most demanding areas or in domestic areas.

Needle Punch

Needle Punch cabinet tiles are mostly made of polypropylene thread. Its weight can range from 400gm2 to 1500gm2. This construction method can give you a handle handle or velor finish which is a great structure when using polypropylene thread.

Tessera carpet tiles

These carpet sales are known for their aesthetic style and outstanding performance in the most challenging areas of traffic. These carpet tiles shrink, last longer and reduce noise.

Nowadays modern office spaces with open systems are designed to be flexible to cope with the ever-changing changes. Modular flooring can be quickly adapted to new needs thus reducing the cost of remodeling.

Advantages of carpet tiles

  • Our designs are consistent with color for maximum design flexibility
  • Any damaged or dirty tiles can be replaced
  • Wear a circle to extend the life of the floor
  • Minor repairs

Hard-backed Carpet Tile

When you install these hardened carpet tiles, carpet cords directly absorb the impact of foot traffic, traffic congestion, and furniture. This means that the fibers are inserted to carry the aging, and it could mean that the appearance of the tiles decreases very quickly.

Cushion-backed Carpet Tile

For these tiles, the block absorbs the impact of foot traffic which reduces the impact on the carpet cords and protects the strands from daily cracking.

Printed Carpet Tile

Printed carpet tile uses a process called digital dye injection, using dyes and repair procedures such as dyeing. However, the dye is injected after the construction of the carpet is made of dye and penetrates directly into the carpet fiber.

This makes it promising to create precise, high-resolution patterns and color schemes that cannot be replicated using other dyeing methods.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Easy to install

Obviously one of the most attractive advantages of carpet tile is how simple it is. As they are modular and can be purchased in smaller units, they are easy to maintain, move and manage.

Cost effective

Carpet tiles are expensive as they are less littering, require less storage space and are easier to transport. Key storage installation costs as this, in general, will take much less time for a technology installer, than it would be for carpet and wall carpet.

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