Versymmetric Vehicle Lifts

Versymmetric lifting technology from Challenger Lifts may be the original two in a single vehicle lift. Why limit your merchandise bay’s production by having an uneven or symmetric equipment application? Maximize our revenue potential with Challenger’s Versymmetric 2-in-1 automotive lifts.

Some garages depend on uneven and symmetric auto lifts to service the entire selection of cars, SUVs, vans, trucks and commercial vehicles they’ll inevitably see. These automotive equipment are made to handle certain kinds of vehicles without crossover, necessitating investments in every kind of service equipment to function at full capacity.

Uneven vehicle lifts are made to handle vehicles by having an asymmetrical center of gravity. The Uneven application slowly move the vehicle’s center of gravity back, benefiting most passenger cars having a skewed front-to-back weight ratio. About 2/three of the vehicle behind the uneven vehicle lift’s posts, the lift minimizes force on cars’ lift points. The uneven design also enables cars’ doorways to become fully opened up, considerably reducing the chance of door damage. Many shops unknowingly incorrectly lift bigger vehicles (like full-sized trucks and SUV’s) on uneven lifts, putting unnecessary stress on the lift and much more rapidly putting on lift components.

Symmetric vehicle lifts are typically employed for vans, trucks or vehicles with generally symmetric weight distribution. Symmetric lifts favor the automobile inside a centered position so the middle of gravity could be distributed evenly between lift posts. Two lift arms of equal length face each other from opposing posts to be able to lift vehicles having a symmetrical center of gravity.

Versymmetric applications provide users using the abilities of uneven and symmetric vehicle lifts. By mixing a 2-in-one uneven and symmetric lifting design successfully of apparatus, Versymmetric applications can securely and correctly accommodate cars, trucks, crossovers, SUVs and vans all inside the same service bay.

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