Table And Chair Set: Practical And Decorative!

Whether you have little room for your dining area or on the contrary, have a large kitchen in which you can have your space for dining, opt for a table and modern chairs (เก้าอี้ โม เดิ ร์ น which is the term in Thai) set. This set will charm you with its practicality and elegance. Existing in many styles, from the classic rectangular table to the high round table or the hanging or folding table, no doubt you will find in our collection, the set that suits you and that sierra wonderfully in your living room.

The Classic Table And Chair Set

You will find matching tables and chairs in the classic style, however very decorative. There are rectangular, oval, or round tables, in several colors and materials. The keyword is choice. Enjoy your family moments around tasty meals while having the practicality of an elegant set. There are also sets with not individual chairs but benches, adorned with cushions or soft fixed seats. You have the choice once again in terms of colors: black, white, or wood.


Dare the round table, small or larger, and its Scandinavian style decorative chairs: harmonious effect and filled with guaranteed style. For breakfast, or one-on-one meals, the round tables are the guarantee of proximity conducive to sharing and conviviality. No one will be sidelined, no one alone at the end of the table. Originality can also be created with table and high chair sets. Prefer them for breakfast rather than for long family meals.

Modular Tables Are Popular

Here we discover the foldable tables, hung on the wall, or the extendable consoles. Ultra-practical, they do not take up space when they are folded up and unused and can be installed with a single gesture. These solutions are perfect for small spaces, rooms, studios, and other small apartments while offering you the possibility of being comfortably installed during your meals. They can also be useful as a side table or when guests come. Be prepared for any eventuality.

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